Horoscopes: March 3

Feb. 19 to March 20

Everyone listening to the news knows there are protests occurring in the Mideast and the U.S. it is important to understand that humanity has entered a stage of intellectual development where it is able, for the first time, to aspire toward freedom.

Humanity’s task is to be the World Disciple. Before it can assume this spiritual task it must find its voice and seek freedom and liberation. This revolution esoterically has to do with the “death” of the personality and entering into the Kingdom of the Soul. Humanity, the masses, calling for democracy (self rule), continues to demand liberation in Aquarius.

Humanity is no longer organizing against the different parties, but is standing against the forces of materialism, darkness, obstruction and centralization (autocratic & dictatorial governments, big corporations, banks, the stock market, agro business, etc.). Humanity is building community. It will be done through Revolution as the new archetypes come forth through Uranus in Aries.

We are in Pisces now (month & progressed U.S. Sun), ruled by Neptune, dissolver of all things obstructing humanity’s next developmental. We could call this Neptune time a pre-collapse stage. Before the new era is built, the old archetypes withdraw as the new Aquarian archetypes (freedom, liberation, community) take shape.

ARIES: You are making quick and decisive decisions, planning ahead. There’s little time for pondering. However, ponder you must. For Saturn, the structure maker, is retrograde and decisions made now should not be implemented until mid-June, which you may oppose. If you do, the long run will be frustrating.

TAURUS: Unlike Aries, you take your time making decisions. Your “no” means “give me time to think.” Then no often turns to “yes.” Many don’t realize this about you. Your thinking is never scattered. You like to have fun, be pleasant, however, you are completely realistic, like Capricorn.

GEMINI: You barely have time to organize. Is it difficult to pack? When the archeological digs of papers, books, clothes become too great, they go into a box. Then they’re thrown out. Is this the way things are these days? Conversations with you are interesting, a sort of philosophical meandering, meaning you’re thinking of other things while conversing.

CANCER: It’s important to write down, to organize, all impressions. You’re intuitive and telepathic. Impressions contain assistance and information for future endeavors. They help you be more productive. Your word is your honor. You ask others to honor what you say. Doubting many things, you seek truth and reality.

LEO: Someone lovely wants to play this week or else a new resource enters your life. Are you being somewhat noncommunicative these days? Your mind seems to be locked into a strict pattern of thought. Actually there’s also a simultaneous attempt to break those thought forms, having become crystallized beliefs. This is interesting.

VIRGO: You feel more instinctive, able to strategize better. You learn how to eliminate self-criticism able to move toward greater cooperation. You feel a depth of realities and want to share them. But there’s no one of your capacity available. Stand in nature and begin to communicate.

LIBRA: There’s a tremendous amount of work expected of you and you roll up your sleeves and each day everything is accomplished and this is good. However, I must ask about your health? Are you able to be consistent with exercise, vitamins and green foods? It’s important to have physical check ups (doctors, dentist, etc.).

SCORPIO: Know that you are useful, your work and research invaluable. You are capable of holding exacting information, both general and detailed. Humbled by your capacities, you are also protective of them. You can be impatient, sometimes quite grumpy when overwhelmed. Although you hide away, you’re also grateful for recognition, praise, acknowledgement.

SAGITTARIUS: When speaking, consider speaking with style. What would that mean? With intelligence, no hidden agendas, no sarcasm, no self-criticism (hidden), no seeking acceptance. Speaking with style tells others you have presence of mind, confidence, intellectual abilities and the capacity to love well.

CAPRICORN: You communicate with feeling. Sometimes you’re withdrawn. Your nature is sensitive, thoughtful, personal. You’re free-spirited, too. When people look at you they don’t quite know what they’re seeing. Because of your depth people at times think you’re hiding something. We know you’re not.

AQUARIUS: Your mind is quick, sometimes scattered, because it’s eclectic, filled with facts, figures, knowledge that stimulates and impresses others. You know everyone, picking up bits and pieces of information with lightning speed. You are restless, nervous, must keep moving. Be logical and conservative with your finances, money and resources this year.

PISCES: Rely on your senses. Make decisions that are down to earth, not mystical. In the coming days you will provide others with concrete answers and basic concepts that will assist them in real world practical realities. You will be no nonsense. This will be greatly useful for your sense of identity and self-confidence.

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