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Esoteric Astrology as news for week February 1-7, 2007

Full Aquaria Moon, Mid-Winter, Candlemas & Groundhog Day

The Sun’s out. The ice has melted. The weather crisis* (ice, fire, flooding, etc.) is passing (for now). Though in many places it’s very very cold. Emerging out of two weeks of no power we discovered the weather was extreme in many places around the globe including fires in California, ice and flooding in the Midwest, and unusual weather in Europe. After the storms, UFOs were seen over Arkansas (planetary Beings come to assist us) and birds were falling (dying) from the sky by the thousands in Austin, New York, New Jersey, Australia, England, etc. It seems that a week before there was a massive solar flare on the other side of the Sun and soon after earth experienced very extreme weather. We noticed after the solar blasts (electro-magnetism changes) that food cooked differently and taste and appetites changed.

As of this writing (Friday January 26th) several more large flares have erupted on the other side (away from Earth) of the Sun. It’s important for each of us to begin to track and understand the solar events on a daily basis (http://son.nasa.gov/tass/content/index.htm) so that we can be aware of how events (weather) on the Sun affect our lives. We are then forewarned.

“Inconvenient” (Thanks, Al) as it may be, it’s also practical to think about preparedness since the geological events and ongoing changes in weather, sun’s activity, jet stream, ocean’s currents, etc. c are occurring more often with greater intensity. Preparing includes asking questions and pondering upon some of the following: creating & living in intentional & sustainable communities; greenhouses for growing food; finding sources of clean water; working and preparing together for what is really occurring on inner, causal levels — the reorientation from materialization (descending deeper into matter) to the “spiritualization” of matter (returning to Spirit). It’s Full Moon Thursday, the moon of the “water-bearers.” Join us.

The week & festivals: Thursday February 1st, St. Brigid’s Day, is the 2nd Full Sun/Moon of the year (9:45 pm Pacific time) in the sign of change itself, Aquarius (13 degrees). This festival, while it destabilizes reality as we know it, anchors the seeds of the New World order, new culture & civilization, New World religion and distributes to humanity the New Laws and Principles. It’s a potent time. Join the New Group of World Servers as Water Bearers by reciting the Great Invocation, Mantram of Unification and Integration Formula. The meditative seed thought for Aquarius is “Waters of Life (knowledge) am I streaming forth for thirsty humanity.”

Friday, February 2nd, a difficult and intense day, is Candlemas, the Feast of Lights and the midway point between Winter solstice & Spring equinox. A beautiful children’s rhyming story about creating light in the darkness of winter through baking is Elisa Kleven’s book Sun Bread (Penguin Puffin Bks, 2001). Today, Candlemas, candles are blessed at Mass. It’s also Groundhog Day when the weather for the year is predicted.

Saturday, Virgo moon, is spontaneous and unusual. We rush into things and are surprised. Sunday is clear till midnight. Monday afternoon is v/c from 2:36 pm till 6:15 pm when moon enters social Libra. The energetic shift is from earth (Virgo) to air (Libra), from detail and discrimination to “where’s the party?” from tiny obscure realities to great cardinal thought forms. Fairness and Right Relations rule. Tuesday there are no aspects between planets in the sky but we feel something’s coming (Venus/Uranus).

Wednesday morning at 10:56 am (Pacific time) Venus (Ray 5) joins Uranus (Ray 7) at 13 degrees Pisces. These are the rays that usher in the new culture and civilization. Goodness (Venus) emerging through science (Ray 5) and the resultant synthesis (Ray 7) creates the new culture and civilization. Faint glimmers of our future can be noticed the entire day. It takes an “esoteric” thinker to notice. With Mercury in Aquarius, about to turn retrograde, these flickers of the future are just the beginning.

*Read about the purpose and function of crisis on our website www.nightlightnews.com

ARIES: You’re busy, busy, busy, focused on personal and professional goals. Hoping to achieve different goals you begin to apply yourself differently. Instead of wildly dispensing your entire storehouse of energy in one place you strategize instead. This makes you more effective. Being called to leadership others seek your guidance. Lead with wisdom by combining power and love. When love is not included, one’s kingdom crumbles. Remember this forever.

TAURUS: To assist in your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future, is important to make nurturing professional contacts now. Networking is what I mean. Being charming, which you are naturally, gets you everything. On the other hand very important matters call you home placing you in between two realities – social and personal. This produces tension – a virtue building opportunity. Tend to both and summon balance as a guide in all areas, including financial.

GEMINI: Listen carefully so your intuition can come into play when others need your considered responses. Don’t leap to judgments. Allows hours to go by before replying. Walk a lot and ponder on the greater realities. Traveling now expands your mind and useful skills are gathered. Don’t allow stress and feeling of overwhelm to interfere with close interactions. Both are glamours no longer needed by you.

CANCER: You most likely need a small vacation, time away from pressures and burdens experienced this past months, especially these last weeks. Do whatever is needed to place yourself on solid financial ground. Be cautious, save if you can, resolve old debts, and study astrology as a way out of your present emotional crisis. The mental soothes and balances us.

LEO: There may be inner tension arising about whether you should tend to self or others. The Aquarian Sun pulls you to serve others and this you can do up to a point. But, if you have not tended adequately to your own needs first, a not-easily-concealed inner resentment may arise. Begin immediately to list your present needs and give them the green light. Then you’re free to care for those in need. Serving others begins with you as the first “other.”

VIRGO: Till mid-February when Mercury is retro you are deeply involved in thinking about family and friends. You love and offer them close friendship. You also listen. Come Valentine’s Day you turn inward and it becomes more difficult to communicate. Allow this silence to fall upon and around you. It’s natural and allows for inner spontaneity. Read, retreat, write, paint, create a mobile of natural things.

LIBRA: You are already working to capacity. Several events make you question and review your goals concerning where, why, and how much you work. You are ambitious, yes, but something else pushes you to achieve. What is it? Is some difficulty in your life of concern? Are you in out of touch with family? Do not expect others to work as hard as you. Are you, or wish you could be, working at home, redecorating, or trying to work through an inner issue. So much is happening. Plant lilies of the valley.

SCORPIO: A review of your childhood, neighborhoods, how you were nurtured and the ways you were not will occur. Your personal life juxtaposes your professional life, and you sway back and forth, here and there, ending up with one foot in both worlds. Continue to gather historical information on family, friends, siblings, and the town where you grew up. This will be for later use. Do your very very best each moment. This last line is most important.

SAGITTARIUS: Everyone’s watching you, close and from afar. Therefore, choose to be impeccable with your attitude, communication, thought processes, radiations of energy, and intentions. Be honest with everyone. Don’t be casual. Be authentic. This year is the foundation for the pivotal years to come. The practice of expanding virtues will ease fears, foreboding, self-criticism and create success.

CAPRICORN: You are busy and will become more so. With Mars energizing all Caps you’ll expand beyond expectations which are already high. You are concerned about money which is a natural Saturn (Cap’s ruler) concern. Know all’s well. If children people your life, pay close attention to their needs after mid-February. Special and unexpected situations may arise with them. Ask for help if needed. Call mother.

AQUARIUS: Happy Birthday, Aquarius. The sun is radiating only upon you. Make sure you chat several times with your angelic protectors, those sparkly Beings whose entire purpose is to follow your direction. Take time and be serious about listing your coming year’s inner and outer needs. These angelic Presences await our guidance with focus and love. Use money wisely and cautiously. Praise everyone from your Leo inner self.

PISCES: It’s time to consider a bit more rest and relaxation before tackling all the organization needed in the coming weeks. You will hold things close within, perhaps even keep a secret or two which is actually a dream which is to find a health spa that you can afford where you can stay a month or two and there is on staff all levels of healing resources. Does anyone know where that would be for a Pisces? They need care.

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