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Esoteric Astrology as News for the week of January 25-31, 2007

Risa is caught in the Midwest ice storm without power. It looks like the ice queen’s Narnia before Aslan has arrived.  More information can be found at www.nightlightnews. Risa asks her readers to remember to recite the morning hymn to the Sun, the Gayatri, to restore order and warmth to the Earth.
ARIES: Prayers, invocations and mantrams will support, assist and provide you with inner information on what is real and what really isn’t. It will also assist in the review that you will experience concerning what you believe in, the origin of those beliefs and what new realities (knowledge) will replace the old ones (beliefs). Note the word belief changing to the word knowledge. One is emotionally based and the other mental. Your thoughts about God will also be reviewed. Seek ancient wisdom teachings. They’re anchored in revelation.
TAURUS: The changes, developing for over a year now, continue. People come and go, shifting like the seasons while you establish greater contact with the future and its possibilities. One of the important issues will be how 
your home is arranged. Does it assist in both your freedom of movement and ability to work unhindered? Environmental restructuring may be needed. This will take time as it reflects a restructuring of your very life’s foundation. Your choice of support though isn’t another’s.
GEMINI: Where is your neighborhood, who are your close friends, where are your intimates, and what environments, natural and sustaining, support you? These are questions you will ask as you also review the work you are to do in the world. We need both — the grounding of friends and neighbors along with a place to provide our gifts to the culture we live in. Anchor yourself firmly in both areas by dedicating yourself to service (to self and then to others) exactly where you are. Be devoted; create true bonds, and a nurturing purpose will result.
CANCER: Finances seem to be in your mind day and night. Resources, what you have and how to obtain more are most important. Let’s begin with your imagination, for that’s where everything begins and then emerges into form. Imagination is our template for form. So what do you imagine that you need and what do you image (see) yourself doing? Do not limit yourself. Create the wildest of thoughts, write them down and paint them. Worry not about being impractical. That isn’t an issue in creation. And know that there is no failure.
LEO: Issues of safety may be something you’re pondering. Where are you safe and what does “safe” mean to you? I ask these questions because for you, quite like a Scorpio and Pisces, if you aren’t feeling safe you cannot create and you do not have freedom. One way of having safety is to work deeply in the environment you find yourself in. And organize everything on a micro level. This creates focus, which creates emotional safety, which creates hopefulness, which creates inner freedom. These are step along the Way.
VIRGO: In the past years your daily life has been in a state of change, at times confusion and chaos. Let’s look at chaos as a good thing. It’s a signpost that a new state of harmony is being created. Sometimes the chaos takes a long, long time, years in fact. That means the harmony being created must be very significant, life changing, substantial and almost permanent. All things concerning relationship will be reviewed in March. Expect revelations and revolutions.
LIBRA: A previous level of doing things, of being creative and perhaps the ways of being in a love affair will fall to the wayside like an overturned basket of seeds. They will then go underground and, after a season of rest, resurface with new blooms, new ideas, and new ways of loving. Work on a daily level will go through this reorientation too. Freedom will seem like a new concept to you. Though it’s been an undercurrent your entire life, freedom will now mean liberation. What will be liberated?
SCORPIO: Perhaps you are an authority in the world, within a business or profession. Perhaps you also have children or someone(s) at home who also look to you as a leader. You will be pulled here and there between the two 
worlds for both call out in need. What is best to do? Introduce each world
 to the other, explain clearly your responsibilities to both, ask for 
assistance in understanding and tell both you are doing your very, very best. 
What follows is in direct relationship to your quality of truth.
SAGITTARIUS: You begin the year with great plans and goals, a joyful aspiration, a feeling that all inner plans will manifest and a devotion to the Way, the Path, to God. This is good. You also may be involved with lots of food, travels for transformational purposes, and a sense of wanting to be free from the past. Home, something there, seems to be on your mind, though. Before you can move forward you might review those foundations and systems of nurturance and see what you want to bring with you and what needs to be lovingly eliminated. Say thank you, too.
CAPRICORN: Is another country calling you, another geographical area, another way of life that you’ve dreamed about but haven’t yet been able to bring forth due to responsibilities? Are you questioning resources and finances and is this a bit wounding? You know you need freedom from both responsibilities and making money so you can find your way. There’s more climbing ahead, more mountains to overcome yet know your wit and friendliness, intelligence and charm will chart your way to that longed-for land. By warm waters.
AQUARIUS: Capricorn above actually seems to be for you but I think you’re beyond that stage. Now you’re simply intensely focused on getting to what and where you’ve decided is best for you and though the stages haven’t been unpleasant you’ve been driven to find your way which wasn’t anyone’s else’s. Being an Aquarian you needed to find out what your true feelings were first. For so long you were detached from them. Now you can go forward into a new life, a new state of being, a new identity, new experiences, and a new climate of feelings. Call home often.
PISCES: You will rethink every life decision you’ve made that can be remembered. You will reassess your identity and attempt with every part of your mind and heart to rearrange how you think about yourself, what your past meant, and how it shaped your present. You will often be in a state that feels like confusion but it’s really a state of reorientation to higher matters, to things of God. On practical levels the structures of daily work will shift and change. With this you will remake yourself in your own image and not of another’s (image of you). Cultivate confidence.

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