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Esoteric Astrology as news for week February 15-21, 2007

Aquarius New Moon & Chinese New Year of the Fire Boar (Pig)

Festivals this week are Aquarius new moon (Saturday), Chinese New Year & Sun entering Pisces (Sunday). Join us, the NGWS, for the Aquarius new moon festival, Saturday, 8:14 am (Pacific time) by reciting the Great Invocation, the Mantram of Unification & the Integration Formula…”I am one with group brothers and sisters and all that I have is theirs…”

Every Chinese New Year questions arise concerning how the many types of astrologies differ. Western astrology, for the western mind, is based upon the Sun and the seasons. Eastern astrology, primarily Vedic, is moon or lunar based. Chinese astrology describes the gifts of the 12 animal-beings that first honored the Buddha. All have twelve (12) signs and are based on elements (fire, earth, air, water). Western astrology uses four elements (fire, earth, air, water). Chinese astrology adds one more (fire, earth, water, metal & wood).

2007 is the year of the Fire Boar, last experienced in 1947-1948, a year of worldwide upheaval and unrest, which will also occur in 2007. Boars signify thoughtfulness, hard work, fertility, straightforwardness, patience, modesty, constancy, and trust. Boars are habitual and conservative creatures. They don’t leave home much. They love beauty and nature far away from cities. Boars are noble, sincere, studious, quiet, and generous. They can also be obstinate, quick tempered, passionate, impulsive and willful. During a Boar year, we are to cultivate relationships, learning Right Relations.

During “fire years ” we seek illumination, warmth, and inspiration. Thus as the year unfolds we are to be a brightening influence, a “light unto others,” not only seeking warmth for self but radiating it out so others can also be warmed. Esoterically this warmth and light are the radiations of Goodwill (Ray 2) which is “precipitated” Will-to-Good (Ray 1).

This Fire Boar year we will look for quick enjoyment which prepares us for the serious work to be done in 2008 (Year of Earth Rat) and 2009 (Earth Ox) – years where we will need great practicality and determination.

Preparation for world changes are occurring on large national and global levels. Although many individuals and groups do not or cannot tend to preparation, governments and nations, aware of the possible future, are going forward with serious preparation. One such preparation method is the saving of seeds (Noah’s Ark of seeds). Read about seed saving at:
www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=mg18925343.700 – 36k; www.livescience.com/othernews/ ap_060619_strange_seeds.html; & www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5496400.

The week: Thursday is Aquarius moon. Both humanity and the planets are free of aspects. Friday we prepare for Saturday’s new moon festival (8:14 am Pacific time), 28 degrees Aquarius. The personality-building meditative seed thought is “Let desire in form rule.” In Aquarius we desire to give shape and form to future ideas and ideals.

Sunday, Chinese New Year, the Sun enters Pisces (5:09 pm. Pisces is the Light of the World revealing the Light of Life (Ray 1) itself. This light, ending forever the darkness of matter, is the light all Piceans hold, sustain and eventually reveal. Pisces is the sign of sacrifice and Saviorship. The task of Pisces, no longer service in Capricorn and Aquarius, is to save the world (Save the Cheerleader!). Pisceans are the “heroes” of the zodiac.

Monday, President’s Day combining Lincoln & Washington’s birthdays, is v/c till 11:06 am. When moon enters Aries everything begin anew. We feel something’s about to occur and it does around 8:00 pm Monday night as Venus squares Pluto. There are challenges with money and relationships. Take it slow.

Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras or Carnival), the last of the parties before Lent. Shrove is an English word for confession or absolution, part of the purification during Lent. Many cultures eat special foods (especially sweets) the day before Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent). In England it’s Pancake Day (pancakes eaten and pancake races are held). Last year IHOP (International House of Pancakes) celebrated Pancake Day with free pancakes.

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday (cross of ashes on our forehead), reminding us that at death the personality (physical body, emotions, lower mind) does not make the journey to heaven. Only our Soul. Wednesday, Venus enters Aries after midnight. No more ambiguity in our relationships. We want fire, passion, enthusiasm, desire and excitement and we’re determined to have it.

Read more esoterica at www.nightlightnews.com

Aries: You are in the world but don’t seem to be “of” it. This is a temporary shift for you’re usually so much in the world you often crash into it. But a reflective time is beginning  – a contemplative time set aside where you can recharge, review, and revivify your ideals and aspirations. This actually underscores the Mercury retrograde. Your mind ponders new ideas emerging for the New World order and acquaints you with them more fully.

TAURUS: You’re out and about, very aware of the group and of group process. You seek to define what it means to create community and how the group must be defined first and how cohesion also must come forth in rhythm and in the group’s own realized timing. You know without all of these vital parts community will not occur. You are quiet. Waiting for right timing.

GEMINI: You are to learn how to listen. This is what a good facilitator does. But what is true listening? It’s not simply hearing someone or allowing a group to speak within rigorous timelines. True listening discriminates. It understands the true underlying message, is sensitive to need, intervening when difficulties arise. True listening provides love that circles the speaker(s) and creates trust.

CANCER: Your present finances and resources need to be reorganized and conserved. If you are working within a group or a corporation, these tasks will be vital to the ongoing success of the organization as well as to your own personal well being. Maintain discretion yet don’t allow secrecy to create undue separations. It’s tax time, isn’t it?

LEO: Do you feel a bit more “out in the world” than usual? Is there some sort of competition occurring that’s affecting you? Is there also a constant thought of changing geographical positions and/or environments? Are you seeking leadership amidst a group that may not recognize you? There is only one word (task actually) available for all Leos at this moment in time. It’s service. Unqualified and unconditional and free.

VIRGO: You are working, tending to daily details, and simultaneously \thinking, thinking, thinking – a real Mercury retro situation. But also you find that you’re distracted by this and that, here and there. And that is a sign to get out and about, tend to things that please, provide comforts, tasteful treats, interaction, fun and playfulness. The “other” is most important.

LIBRA: You would like to plan your immediate future how the days will work out and how best to get there without disrupting your present. New creative endeavors will call out attempting to guide and direct you into new possible futures. The new moon creates new daily guidelines at work. There’s lots to accomplish, lots to organize. Know that you will do it. Write your angels a list.

SCORPIO: Home matters. And then work matters, too. And the two sometimes don’t meet. But meet they must. As work calls you out into the world, all the Aquarian planets are telephoning you to come home. What to do? Balance is what’s being called for here and through the conflict balance will be achieved. Have this as an intention. Then it comes forth.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll be called to say things that you only think about or harbor within yourself, afraid to say what you feel. Should this push occur so deeply that you do actually speak, make sure your intentions are that you speak truthfully, with heartfelt integrity, that you include praise and that you don’t expect to be understood. This is a paradox, I know. Is family calling?

CAPRICORN: Tasks to lovingly accomplish. Make sure you have a savings fund that grows each month. Check and re-check during this retro time all details, papers, and things of value. Where are they located and are they easily found (by you)? Go slowly with all events and plans. It takes time to create new structures. Expect your mind to function slowly, too. The Mercury retrograde is in between your communication and your wise use of money.

AQUARIUS: The new moon will present your mind with new ideas, a brilliant state of communication, and lightning-like flashes of insight. The information will be of two types. One is about yourself, who you are, and your gifts. This insight is the foundation for the next which is concerns yourself as a valuable resource with even more valuable gifts that humanity needs. You now need to walk down the mountain and into the valleys of humanity and serve. In any way you can, day by day.

PISCES: It is most important to rest which will develop a rhythm of strength to support the many tasks you must perform. Thought small and mostly behind the scenes, these tasks will assure you that you can move forward with new procedures and even create the next level of your life according to your own needs and no one else’s. Music is needed during this time to uplift and nurture. Review all decisions, now. Many will be reversed.

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