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Risa’s Astrology

Esoteric Astrology as news for week January 4-10, 2007

In Capricorn: Symbols, Twelfth Night, Epiphany, Baptism

Dear Readers, the style and content of the weekly columns have been changing and evolving over the past year. The introduction and the signs are longer and more extensive. I am including greater and more inclusive esoteric and religious information for study and pondering in the introductions on my website (www.nightlightnews.com). This will continue to expand (Jupiter’s task) as the months unfold and 2007 progresses. I suggest printing each week’s introduction, creating an Esoteric & Astrological Studies Journal and organizing the information in the introductions. After a year each reader will have collected a year’s worth of Esoteric, astrological & religious studies. Shall we do this as a readership group together?

The main focus of our work in the coming year will be the understanding of symbols which astrology already uses. Symbols “sweep” us from brain to mind to ideas to intuition. Humanity’s task is to contact the Soul and to enter into the intuition. Through symbols we develop our minds to reach the intuition and we become deeply aware of inner causal realities – realities hidden to most.  As we move forward into the mysteries of the New Year we will attempt to uncover the symbols we see (which are “blinds” or veils) by interpreting the signs and planetary movements from the esoteric perspective.

This month we live within and receive the inflowing energies and forces of Capricorn (the signature of God). Capricorn beckons us to be Initiates and to enter into world service in Aquarius. The story of Capricorn, whose sign is the (modified) signature of God, is the story of the solar disc we call the Sun which is a blind (veil, covering, shield) for the Light which is the basis of our entire creation.

In the meantime, this week: There are no major aspects. There are however significant religious festivals, all esoteric blinds and explained on our website. Thursday is expressive and fixed Leo Moon. We are overshadowed by the radiance of yesterday’s Capricorn solar festival. Friday is 12th Night, end of the 12 Holy Days after Christmas, and the eve of Epiphany. Saturday (the evening is v/c) is Epiphany. On the 13th day after Christmas Three astrologer Kings on camelback following the star Sirius (what originates there?) offer gifts (gold, frankincense, myrrh) to the Holy Family and Child. Sunday is the Baptism of the Holy Child. Astrologically we see something far away and bring it close. Monday Mars trines Saturn. Desires finally have divine direction to be fulfilled. Tuesday is v/c till 10:15 am when Libra moon begins. We seek harmony in relationships. Wednesday is lovely, easy and kind. (On our website see information on symbols and their use, Capricorn, the Gayatri – Hymn to the Sun, Twelve Holy Days, Epiphany, Baptism, etc.)

ARIES: Your rational mind, the one used in day to day life, is high-powered, strong and leading you up the ladder of what you consider to be success. You are in touch (or they you) with important people (you are one yourself?). Perhaps at the United Nations. You ask yourself what responsibilities to assume for group good, for your nation, for the world. Understanding these, you pursue your goals. Goal after goal. Keep going.

TAURUS: It’s important to be in touch with far away places and people. For some this includes legal and financial contacts to assure and insure the protection of future endeavors. There may be family contacts, too. Be sure to respond to communications quickly and on the day you are contacted. Don’t wait too long to complete business enterprises. Though you can listen to others’ ideas, state yours, too. Clearly. Now.

GEMINI: You have many gifts but in your comings and goings I don’t think you actually know most of them. It would be good at this time, this week and next, to concentrate on what gifts and talents you possess so you can come to know yourself a bit more. Most of who and what you are seems protected and sometimes others think you’re secretive. Write in a journal what you see, think and feel are your hidden capabilities. Then tell everyone. See how they respond.

CANCER: It’s most important to talk to your people whoever they are: family, partners, children, co-workers, your team, your group, pets, plants and even the birds that alight on the trees nearby. All can become your “associates,” can be close to you, can offer you interesting information, tidbits, recognitions and ponderings. Try not to neglect any responsibilities this month and try not to be irritated. Speak softly, too.

LEO: Your thoughts and communication, interactions and relations with others are focused on four areas, all blending into one. They are: daily work, health, animal kingdom, and service. You will serve all these domains but first tend to your own health (physically, psychologically, mentally & emotionally). A balance within will help you balance others who may present you with ideas beyond reality. Something new occurs, and something old. Blend these, too.

VIRGO: You need some new pleasurable pursuits that bring forth your talents which, sometimes in your detail and analysis, you don’t realize what they are and how to use them. What serious things are filling your mind? What ways do you want your home to change, where do you want to live, and are you thinking of expanding your family? These truly are issues that take deep pondering. Mercury in Capricorn will help.

LIBRA: Are you expressing yourself? Or have you concluded that there’s no one listening, nothing will change (externally) and so you hold close to yourself all you’re thinking and feeling? This is good in that your external world is less affected by your vicissitudes. This is bad if you are repressing much of your internal states. A visit to someone who listens compassionately & attentively would be good. Are you writing in a journal? It could be time for this. Journals become secret friends.

SCORPIO: You will truly experience Ray 4 of Harmony Through Conflict & Chaos. This is the Ray from the Big Dipper that influences all that you value. Ideas from the Mind of God will attempt to anchor in your mind seeds of the new civilization and culture. Should this occur, something of your personality will fall away. It’s something you didn’t need so you could bring forth illumination for others. A task you asked for.

SAGITTARIUS: There will be a diffusion of all illusions (distortions) that you have been carrying around concerning who you are and what you can do. Actually you can do much more but need(ed) life’s experiences to realize this. A mantram just for you to be recited daily: “All maya (physical distortions), glamour (emotional distortions) and illusion (mental distortions) are dissipated now and forever.” Amen.

CAPRICORN: Things have come out of the shadows they’ve been in for a month now so that you could rest behind the scenes and make internal value choices. Now new aspirations and drives are driving you to move forward in leadership positions, in initiating to activities, and in become the organizer, the one who is influential, and the one who serves others when they cannot. Stand up for Right Relations.

AQUARIUS: After many responsibilities have been dealt with it will soon be time for retreat and restful thinking and living. Not immediately but soon. Before sleep and after the nightly daily review (remember how?) inform yourself that you will remember dreams. Have paper and pencil nearby to record impressions. And say the Gayatri each morning.

PISCES: You should by this time have your environment organized. If this isn’t completed, continue until every room, shelf and closet is orderly, neat, arranged & systematized. This will assist you when it’s time to move to the next level of work and actually is part of the new work to do. Keep silent about your goals. Allow them to be brooded over so the pattern of their manifestation is clear. Art helps, especially the art of Edouard Vuillard’s gardens.

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