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January 18-24, 2007

The week: Thursday (8:01 pm Pacific time) is the first new moon of the year at 28-29 degrees Capricorn. Friday’s Aquarius moon stimulates thoughts of friendship and group endeavors. Some of us long for “our group.” This longing creates a magnetism, which allows our group to “find” us. Friday we’re talkative and rebellious. Saturday, at 3:01 am (Pacific time) our Sun enters Aquarius. Happy Birthday, Aquarians. The day is complex with the moon making contacts with Neptune (refining us), Venus (concern about finances and relationships), Saturn (discipline and structure is needed) and finally in the evening, appropriately, the Dark Knight Pluto (intense attractions). When we encounter Pluto (9:00 pm) the moon goes v/c. Sunday’s Pisces moon is a good day to study natural swimming pools and visualize them at the Ashram on the Capricorn mountain. The Tibetan tells his students to use the creative imagination to visualize as a form of meditation. Visualization helps us to move beyond our personal self-created barriers and limitations. Visualization is a powerful and most important step in the manifestation process and demonstrates the law that “energy follows thought”. Read more on Visualization in AA Bailey & the Tibetan’s Discipleship In A New Age, vol. 1, pp. 89-91.
Monday has noticeable astronomical events. Something far away comes into vision. It’s strict, intelligent, scientific and we must ponder upon it. Monday and Tuesday a new path must be taken. We struggle to bring a dream or vision into form and matter. Tuesday and Wednesday, Aries moon, we’re impulsive, free of the past. We move forward but not with a few backward glances. Where are you going? What shall we do? Who are our friends? Where are we? Where is our group?  Read about Aquarius, the “Light that shines over Earth and sea,” the new moon and much more at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: The future is rushing toward you like a fast train. This is good. The future contains adventure, speed, exploration, opportunity, and some serious thoughts about…. well…the future! Do remember to pace yourself, ponder deeply, and rest continuously in between revelations. Change is your new keyword.

TAURUS: Your life has transformed in the past ten years. Never did you image or think that who you are and what you are doing now would occur. Although you would like things to be stable and unchanging, evolution (understood through astrology) has completely reoriented and restabilized your life. You are free now. You are happy.

GEMINI: Where are you going and what are you planning? What are you studying and what is the status of your spiritual thinking? What are your aims and goals? Are you arguing politics or religion? Are you wondering how to get from here to there? And where is there? Your beliefs mature then turn into knowledge, the Aquarian need. You are to disperse the “waters of life.” Why is this? Do you know?

CANCER: Finances and expenses come into focus. Plan on future needs so there are fewer surprises later. It is most important to organize all-important legal and financial matters. Do not wait till sometime in the future which will never appear. Careful also of self-centeredness and unfriendliness occurring without your noticing. Remember to radiate Goodwill. It is then returned one hundred times.

LEO: Most unusual things may be occurring with you and all relationships but especially the intimate and close ones. What is happening? So many Aquarius planets affecting your interactions that it seems the future’s about to appear or you’ll take a space ship somewhere and so you can bring forth your extremely sensitive, artistic and creative abilities. The dedication you’ve devoted your life to – is it manifesting completely yet? It will.

VIRGO: The waters of life should be washing over you. These “waters” are electrical, they come not without some pain (Chiron), yet there’s healing too. Your daily life is filled with an energy unknown to most. As you become acclimated it acts as a springboard for future work, sources of knowledge, and ways to serve others. All these words apply to Aquarius, the sign of serving others. But tend to self tenderly first.

LIBRA: All these things are on your mind – children, entertainment, fun and games, a bit of romance to liven things up, pleasure, creativity which you need to rediscover and renew, and situations being a bit dramatic which excite you. You will also think somberly about a past event that actually overshadows you. And then you’ll move on (.org) toward greater freedom. Someday you’ll realize what true freedom is.

SCORPIO: What things are occurring at home, with family or the actual structure of where you live? What new projects are you considering that will eventually form within you a new foundation of self? How are your relations with family and especially mother? All these things may, in the next week, become unstable. This does not imply something bad. It’s an upliftment so you may “see” and tend to deeper and greater realities. Remember your foundation of self is shifting upward.

SAGITTARIUS: You must be aware how you experience reality, a changing and shifting situation daily, deeply affects those around you. You are, in astrological terms, somewhat of a god due to Pluto being in Sag and Jupiter influencing your sign. When you are intense, the world around you is also. You must this year drop all judgements about yourself. Why? It’s a form of non-violence (ahimsa) to self and others. It’s a buddha stance. It’s a God stance. (to be continued)

CAPRICORN: As Sag’s life impacts others tremendously, so does yours as a Capricorn. In fact, your sign actually shapes the lives of others and in turn this changes reality for everyone around you. I say this not to frighten you into inaction but to shape your world. If you begin with Love and then create order and structure this leads to a new state of synthesis and unity. Love first your money and love how you use it. This is a beginning.

AQUARIUS: A change is occurring in your outlook on life. This us brought about by the constant change of environments, perhaps where you live, move, and have your being. You are coming into a deeper state of knowing who you are and what you want and need – self-information a long time coming. You also begin to understand how others see you. Leadership calls you this year. As you take action, others follow. Cooperation is a future keyword.

PISCES: Usually a Pisces cannot describe their lives, how they live and see the world. For others the life of a Pisces is usually unseen, not understood, and within other realms altogether. And how a Pisces actually functions is also rather invisible as the laws exists on such etheric levels hardly anyone has eyes to see. But each Pisces this year will catch a glimmer of themselves and others will see it, too. Thought strange, the life of a Pisces is filled with an unusual radiance…now subtly unfolding.

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