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Esoteric Astrology as news for week December 21-27, 2006

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Winter has arrived on Earth along with the solstice & the Angel Gabriel. On Thursday the Sun quietly rests at the Tropic of Capricorn for three days. Then at midnight, Christmas morning, the Sun begins to move northward. From now on, imperceptibly at first, there will be more and more light each day for the Sun’s goal is ultimately to summer at the Tropic of Cancer (gate where Spirit enters matter) resting there awhile.

In ancient times Winter Solstice was always celebrated as the birth of the Sun (light) in the midst of darkness (winter). (Globe of Light within the core of Earth.) Winter Solstice is also the time when Earth’s great teachers are “brought forth” (from Virgo mothers). This is based on the Sun’s movements. Because it is a time of new light for the planet, World Teachers choose this particular heavenly event to incarnate. Winter Solstice is an astrological “transit” (event in heavens). A transit of “new light” is an appropriate time for the birth of a teacher because teachers always bring with them a new teaching contained within, and furthering, the Light (teachings) previously given. The new teaching, encased in light, is a new state of knowledge & potential illumination for humanity – its next developmental stage. We remember the Christ (Piscean Age teacher and the last great Earth teacher) often said to us (disciples) “I am the Light of the World.” We didn’t understand Him then. (In 1945, the Christ informed the Hierarchy He would also be the Aquarian Age teacher, a complicated and difficult job. Who will assist Him?)

Winter Solstice occurs at 4:22 pm on December 21st when the planetary keynote (sound, vibration, light, task, influence) shifts from Sagittarius (goals toward) to Capricorn (Initiation). At the time of the Winter Solstice, the light currents submerged within the core of the Earth reverse and change course, just like the Sun (at the Tropic of Capricorn) reversing its southward course and turning northward. A reverse movement of any planetary body creates a powerful force field until the new motion or path stabilizes. Therefore, from December 21 to midnight on the morning of December 25th, there is a potent force field of light and radiation enveloping the Earth, humanity and all Earth’s kingdoms. Esotericists are aware of this and thus these three days are held as days of meditation, prayer, invocation, and radiation. Join us.

And so, as the Sun enters Capricorn, sign of the Initiate, and changes direction we know the new light (teaching) has arrived. And at midnight December 25th from the heavens a sound goes forth to humanity. Hark! Do you hear what I hear? The combined voices of the stars, the Hierarchy, Sanat Kumara and from Christ Himself we hear a message, circling the world like a magic ring and radiated to everyone. “Peace on earth, Goodwill to all.” And so let us join in this simple prayer by Helen S. Rice: “Bless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness of mind; teach us to be patient and always to be kind.”

A Christmas mystery. Last week Virgo was missing from the ray colors. Who knows esoterically why she was missing, where she was, and what task she was performing?

Christmas Day is most potent this year. It feels potent and it is. Pluto, 26 Sag at the Galactic Center is joined by Mercury, the Sun’s (Solar Logos) messenger. The Shamballa Force may be out and about Christmas Day. Careful with all communication which may sound harsh, rough, and demanding. Know that it’s not. It’s simply Pluto having infiltrated the sound waves of Earth. On Christmas day the Moon is 3 degrees Pisces. Compassion and sympathy abound. And then they’re gone! And a new Path is revealed – the journey to the Twelfth Night.
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Happy Holy Days, everyone!

ARIES: Go gently into the holidays. Your feelings are tender. Don’t attempt to make any changes. You’ve done so much already. Allow your feelings a rest. Let them be behind the scenes. This will refresh you and bring you confidence and joy. Sacrifice is something you’ll think about. You are in one. A different state of values surfaces. Guide others.

TAURUS: You’re keenly aware of the state of affairs sweeping the world. You monitor the world’s pulse and know that a state of reorientation is just beginning. Therefore you’re putting things away, making sure all’s safe for times to come. In the back of your mind you understand survival and bring forth these skills when needed. For the holidays though, allow others tend to you. A long rest is needed by your body. Take it now. This opportunity won’t come later.

GEMINI: You seek, quite hiddenly, to have your needs filled within your relationship. Everyone does this to one degree or another. But you must at present realize this and know that loneliness is what you often feel but hide it well. The past is quite over though you carry it – also quite well. What you have now is what you need. You need no longer that past that hurt. Understand this and offer it up for the season.

CANCER: You are restless as things are so confusing, hidden, obscure, and out of focus. All you know is you need to be somewhere else during the holidays and need to get there fast. Do not allow anything you fear to be real or make you stand aside from what you must do. Go to where it’s real for you and where love is. Anything less may be an illusion. Go to where happiness and holidays are the focus of the days. Then you radiate.

LEO: Oh dear you are still pondering things you were pondering long ago. You were serious then and still are. Leos don’t need to be serious anymore. They are free to come and go as they please. They do not need the sadnesses of childhood constantly upon them. You no longer need to feel betrayed, either. Only your shining creativity is allowed this season. Give it fully. Then liberation is really real.

VIRGO: Do you know why you were missing from the hoodie list on the web last week? It’s esoteric and I’ve posed this question to readers but pose it to you, too. In the meantime, while you esoterically ponder on this esoteric mystery I hope you’re far away from home for the holidays, resting most enjoyably with family, friends and those important to you. Herein are the seeds of your new reality, story, life, song, and vision.

LIBRA: I wish for you this season and in the future an open heart, a generous spirit, freedom from want, from pain, and a lessening of the wounds of the past which you still believe in. They no longer need form your reality. If you look around only the shadows of your beliefs about the past are there and this season of light allows you to release them into the light. They are not yours anymore. I wish you a new order of self.

SCORPIO: Everything is still forming concerning your new life and changes will occur but not now during this season of light. Instead notice that everyone is not in conflict with you. They support you. Understanding this benefits you. The most important benefit is your release from guilt for the conflict you produce for the purpose of creating a higher state of harmony. Do you understand this? Stand under the mistletoe.

SAGITTARIUS: Events and vicissitudes seem to reoccur with such regularity that you feel at times spun out of control, in someone else’s control or not in control. The stars and planets do that to us most of the time. The secret is understanding that you stand under a rigorous set of rules for you are to bring knowledge that others can’t and therefore you need more discipline than most. Unfair? Yes and no. How else is a teacher created? And how else is freedom whetted?

CAPRICORN: Do not allow your feelings of lack – especially financial – to be wounding. Each of us experiences fear of lack of finances. This will pass so experience it with grace. Attempt not to buy much this season. Instead, seek community among friends, create alternative gift giving, let the children give instead of you (Heifer Project), and explore different ways others celebrate this season of Light. Reality this month occurs mainly within. Be quiet. A new pattern emerges from that self-presence.

AQUARIUS: Allow solitude to overtake you even amidst the workplace. You need to do many things and a quieted mind can focus on personal needs, which are practical now. Do exercise, walk or swim. You want to have a strong body for what’s to come. Tend to practicalities about finances, too. This season give as much as you can to those in need. Christmas day may be unusual. Something hidden emerges.

PISCES: What you are doing is appropriate to the needs of your inner spiritual self. There is a pattern of care even though you may not see it. But I think you do. There is also a reality of change occurring. You can’t imagine that much ahead but even in the daily realization that you are living Groundhog Day each and every day, a new state of “becoming” is emerging. Later it will make cosmic sense.

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