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A Movie Nerd's Movie

Last week in “Battle: Los Angeles” aliens came to blow us up. This week in “Paul” the alien in question is much more content just kicking back, having a few beers and cracking a bunch of jokes. Now that’s a close encounter I can get behind.


'Limitless' Thrill

During the height of the steroids-in-baseball scandal a friend defending the muscle-bound sluggers asked, “You mean to tell me that if someone came up to you and offered you a pill that would make you dramatically better at your job and ratchet up your pay grade that you wouldn’t take it?”

Features Music

'Free Range'

The first and 11th tracks on “Free Range” bookend with the sounds of a locomotive engine — a funny, yet appropriate, choice for a group whose music doesn’t track to a rail-line path and sonically inspires visions of open air and unrestrained options.


Two Guitar Men …

Favorite moment of the concert Saturday? When Smith’s father, Gus, a guitar guru in his own right, and his kindergarten-age daughter, Annsley, joined him on stage.