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Drillers Halted Over Quake Questions

Two natural gas drilling companies will stop operations at injection wells in Faulkner County — at least temporarily.


Sci Fi Meets Romance

If I were to break out my Clever Movie Critic’s Big Book of Witticisms, I would use it to describe “The Adjustment Bureau” as “The Matrix: A Love Story,” leave the review at that and spend the rest of the day in Margaritaville.


'Rango' A Multifaceted Marvel

I guess the best way to describe “Rango” is to imagine taking four-parts Spaghetti Western, one-part “The Lion King,” two-parts “Chinatown” and three-parts “Blazing Saddles”; dumping it all in a blender and pressing “puree.”


Cheap Doesn’t Always Taste Cheap

Honestly, I’ve never found a Cab I really fell in love with for less than 20 dollars. (Often times they just taste like flavored rubbing alcohol).