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Park. Phone. Pay.

If you’re not using your cell phone enough already, here’s one more way to exploit that mobile device: use it to pay for parking in the Fayetteville entertainment district.


What’s the big deal with Pinot Noir?

It’s rare when you find good quality Pinot Noir without shelling out some serious cash.

Commentary In The News

Regional HIV Clinic Coming

Benton County is officially on board — finally — to partner with Washington County in the creation of the Northwest Arkansas Regional HIV Clinic.


Stars Shine But Pass Misses

Completely ignoring our personal history of lonely nights, this hunk of gray matter convinces us that were we to suddenly find ourselves single we would need a moat and several hundred teargas grenades to fend of the hordes of single women that would be beating down our door.


Discipline And Words

A man I trust very much said to me recently that I can let everything else I do be completely undisciplined, so long as I practice discipline as a writer. Instead, I fulfill obligations.


Puppets And ‘A War Story’

Using puppets, live music and hand, rod and shadow puppets coupled with a transforming set, the show explores the question of how we remember such monumental events as WWI.


Oscar Bingo!

Oscar Bingo — just like the real thing, only without the tumbling ball machine or the letters B, I, N or G.


Oscar Night Drinking Game

If Oscar bingo isn’t your thing, how about a friendly Oscar night drinking game with compadres and acquaintances?


And The Winner Is …

Movie dorks like myself live for this time of year because it validates one of our favorite pastimes — arguing about movies.


Razor’s Edge Cuts It Right

Even though I went around 2 p.m., I decided that since they’re nice enough to serve breakfast all day long, I’d take them up on their offer. I had the Car Driver’s Special, which consists of a ground round patty (it’s a hamburger), two eggs, hash browns and two pieces of toast.