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Hello, Good Syrah!

This week we look at a grape and a region that make some of the best wines I know to pair with hearty winter menus, especially dishes that emphasize mushrooms and red wine.

Family Friendly

‘Twilight Struggle’ Brings Kennedy, Cold War To The Table

The game pits two players against each other: one as the United States, the other as the Soviet Union. The game is played with cards, each documenting an event that occurred sometime during the years 1945-89.


Financial Health

If you aim at nothing, you’ll probably hit it. It’s a mantra Mark Foster, education director at Credit Counseling of Arkansas, likes to use for one of the major thrusts the nonprofit organization preaches regarding finances: planning.


Money Tips On The Internet

Saving money doesn’t have to be boring. People take on the challenge of living with less every day, and they are more than willing to share their victories over wasteful spending with the rest of us.


Confessions Of A Tightwad

Good tightwads delight in saving a dollar off a can of frozen orange juice. Good tightwads will secretly chuckle to themselves about the additional 30 percent discount they got off the tires simply by asking/haggling with the salesperson.


Local Salsa Star Makes Return

Boris Silva, salsa singer-songwriter, will appear as the special act of the month for Salsa Night on Saturday,
Jan. 29 at Teatro Scarpino in Fayetteville.


Live Music: Jan. 27-Feb. 2

Live Music: Jan. 27-Feb. 2


Meiji’s Condiment Is King

Can we talk about the wasabi now? My sushi eating friend mixed the wasabi with a little of the soy sauce, and when he took his first bite he made a noise of satisfaction that almost made me blush.


Memorials In The Median

These little piles of beads — sometimes piles big enough to have bikes — are obviously memorials to deceased family and friends. My question is this: Why the need to litter the medians or roadsides?