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Horoscopes: Jan. 27-Feb. 2

Risa’s Astrology: Jan. 27-Feb. 2


Tanks Very Much!

Tank 7 may go down as Boulevard Brewing’s masterpiece. They’ll be hard pressed to get a beer closer to perfection than this one.


Resuming Trash Routes

There is now a computer, named Watson, competing on the game show “Jeopardy!” Although in most regards that doesn’t seem fair, it does lead to interesting theories about artificial intelligence.


Dinner And A Concert

Nemanja Bogunovic, classical guitarist, composer and arranger, will perform at 7 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 6 at Greenhouse Grille in Fayetteville.


Covert Operations

I used to sneak out of my mother’s house, catch the 81 bus with the 4 a.m. workers and the homeless slouchers, transfer downtown on an empty corner near City Hall, and take the Number Four to my boyfriend’s stop in Silverlake.

Legacy Archive

Southwest France Foods & Wines

While Bordeaux has the region’s most famous wineries, some of my most memorable food and wine parings are found farther inland, following the Dordogne River east, or the Garonne south toward the Pyrenees Mountains and Spain.


'No Strings' Rounds Up Half A Movie

I think we as a society can all agree that Ashton Kutcher is way more famous than he has any right to be.

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8 Days A Week: Jan. 20 edition

8 Days A Week: Jan. 20 edition


‘The Chamber’ Eyes Friendship

The Step 1 Theatre will perform “The Chamber” at 8 p.m. Jan. 27-28 and at 2 and 9 p.m. Jan. 29 at B-Unlimited Theatre, 612 W. Center St. in Fayetteville.


What The … ?!!!

Last week, the cover of the Freekly sported a mostly joking request for good potato soup recipes. Apparently Brad and Brandy Allen have sharp eyes for detail.