Money Tips On The Internet

Saving money doesn’t have to be boring. People take on the challenge of living with less every day, and they are more than willing to share their victories over wasteful spending with the rest of us. This short list includes some general websites that focus on living well without spending more than is absolutely necessary.

Article: The Cheapskate Guide — 50 Tips for Frugal Living
The Zen Habits blog focuses a lot on letting go: Letting go of possessions, of stress, of bad health habits, etc. This article supplies 50 ways to cut expenses from the simple (eat out less often and pack a lunch) to the arguably difficult (cut down to one automobile and cancel credit cards). It’s a good list to start thinking about where to cut back.

Blog: Get Rich Slowly
This is a site that’s all about money, not cheaper ways to get stains out of the carpet. Get Rich Slowly offers practical, guilt-free advice on topics that range from taking care of elderly parents to planning retirement strategies to improving credit scores. The authors take the notion that knowledge is power very seriously.

Collection: Frugal Village
Sarah Noel’s website centers on home and family, so there are dinner recipes, craft projects for the children and suggestions on ways to save on groceries all over the place. But there are also articles that focus on cheering up friends and adding a little (inexpensive) romance just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Mish-Mash: The Dollar Stretcher
There are no bells and whistles, like, say, photographs to this site, and it is a bit of a muddle. But if you stick with it, and dig around a little, you’re sure to find a gem of an article or two. It’s a little like going to a family reunion and asking loudly, “What’s a good way to save money?” You know you’re going to be bombarded with answers, but they’re shouted with love.

Artistic: Dollar Store Crafts
This site explores and shares the more artistic side of being cheap. Some people would not come up with ways to turn paper towel tubes into faux wrought iron wall art, but some people would. Dollar Store Crafts compiles the weird, wonderful and inexpensive projects on the Internet and shows how to create without breaking the bank. If one cannot have a little fun with one’s tightwaddery, then what’s the point?

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