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Hey, Where'd The Hops Go?

Dead Guy Ale from Rogue in Newport, Ore., was created in the early 1990s to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead.


Old Friends Rediscovered

About a month ago, my friend Carmen from second grade found me on Facebook. She said she’d been trying to find me for a long, long time.

Features In The News

Protesters Organize ‘Rebel With A Cause’

The “rebel” who this ride honors is Private First Class Bradley Manning. Manning has been imprisoned in the Quantico Marine Corps Brig for nine months, suspected of giving highly classified State Department cables to the website WikiLeaks.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Horoscopes: March 31 & Beyond

Risa’s Astrology for the week following March 31


Special April Fools Edicion

Rather than me prank ustedes, I give you the cruelest joke of all — ex-congressman and eternal Know Nothing Tom Tancredo! For allowing us to debate in Denver last year, I’ve allowed him to answer two questions.

Advice Advice Goddess

Miffed Connection

I called to ask her out and … silence. She then said, “I can’t … as I think I may have something else to do.”


Half And Half

I scanned the menu, and decided to try the Pasta Combo. I thought that trying a little bit of several different dishes would give me a better idea of how the fare fared.

Features Music

Sweets Sorrow

Candy Lee and the Sweets will give a farewell performance Sunday, May 1, at Greenhouse Grille before the band’s namesake and her husband head off to pursue opportunities in Jacksonville, Fla.

Commentary In The News

Pub Loses Its Crown

The Crown Pub on Dickson Street posted to its Facebook page that it will be shutting its doors on May 1 or perhaps a few days before. Apparently the landlords denied a renewal of the lease, and the local niche bar will be seeking a new location.


Modern Meritage

Several years ago, the word “Meritage” was invented as a new name for an old blend.