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Granny's Affordable, Delicious Tastes

The roast beef was the best I’ve ever had at a restaurant. The waitress informed me that they slow roasted it fat side up the night before. It was moist and tender.

Fashion Features

4 Girls, 1 Top

Four fashion forward Fayetteville ladies use their own sense of whimsy to dress up one simple top.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Horoscopes: March 3

Risa’s words for March 3 and beyond.


Exhausted From Holding It In

He was going to, but as he laid his hand on the coffin edge the dog came out of the house and then the door slammed shut. On the front porch John Johnson stood with his pistol.


Blue Heron Flies By

A pleasant hop aroma hits the nose right away but isn’t overwhelming. The citrus hop flavor is nicely balanced with the malt resulting in a complicated pale ale.


Mardi Gras, Paddy's Day Fun

Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day Events in Fayetteville and Eureka Springs.


Identification Issues

I am a mocha-skinned woman. Puerto Ricans always ask if I am Puerto Rican, Dominicans just start speaking Spanish, Cubans ask if my abuelita made good arroz con leche but Mexicans know I’m black. What gives?

Commentary In The News

Reading The Fine Print

The Naturals’ opening night will be April 7. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, March 5. You can be sure they will be running specials and promotions all year as they build the legacy of Farm League Baseball in NWA.

Advice Advice Goddess

With This Ring, I Thee Dump

Two months before our wedding, a dear male friend of mine confessed his love for me. After much soul-searching, I called my wedding off.