4 Girls, 1 Top

Who wore it best?

By Emily Smith

TFW Contributing Writer

Four fashion forward Fayetteville ladies use their own sense of whimsy to dress up one simple top.

Top: 1980s Vintage Polyester T-shirt from Potter’s House Thrift for only 50 cents. Yep, 50 freakin’ cents.

No. 1: Liz Forbach

No. 1: Liz Forbach

Liz is a tall drink of water who has a sleek, edgy style and is rarely seen without her super tall high heels. I like that Liz knows how to play up her long legs with dark jeans and lots of extra height.

With a handful of mismatched jewelry pieces from Cheap Thrills, she keeps it real by mixing plastic with semi-precious. The fringed silk scarf adds mucho, mucho drama. Mad props. Emily thinks Liz is cool.

No. 2: Lauren Leach

Lauren is a quiet girl who emits a musician’s muse vibe and can rock a red lip like no other. A fellow avid thrifter and new mom to Stella, Miss Lauren is as tiny and petite as they come.

No. 2: Lauren Leach

She is my new fashion hero for scoring several pairs of these shredded skinny jeans off the sale rack at Walmart for $3 each. Miley Cyrus made too many apparently, and Lauren wasn’t asking any questions. Yeah for Lauren!

No. 3: Jacqueline Manhattan

OK, so her last name isn’t REALLY Manhattan, but I have known her for two years and I only recently thought to ask. This hot momma has a stage name. Sweet. And she goes by it. Double sweet.

Her sense of style is just that, sweet but full of sly and crazy and sexy and lazy all rolled into one tall, beautiful ball. Miss Jacqi chose super short vintage denim cutoffs with a big floppy hat.

No. 3: Jacqueline Manhattan

Ahhh … makes me want to take a trip to the West Coast.

No. 4: Yours Truly, The Divine Miss Em

So, this being my virgin run for the Free Weekly with this particular column, I had to sneak one in there. I only cropped my head so you could envision your head atop my body, much like a paper doll. (Go ahead, it helps me when I am putting outfits together!)

My style is all over the board, frankly. I like to dabble in a little bit of everything. Unfortunately, I only get to play dress up on Mondays now, since having a baby last summer, I only work one day a week.

No. 4: Emily Smith

Seldom do I have too many rules when it comes to fashion these days … this coming from a woman who mostly wears sweatpants and a T-shirt sans bra. There, I said it. Geez Louise. Thank goodness for Mondays and good fashion.

Hope the ideas come flowing your way after taking a look at what 50 cents can look like. And hope you are looking forward to our next installment! You are lookin’ fine, Fayetteville.

If you are interested in showcasing your own style in The Free Weekly, e-mail me at onemanbanddesigns@yahoo.com.

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