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Primus Tickets Going On Sale

Two flavors I never thought I’d see in the same sentence: Primus and Rick Springfield.

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The Eurekan

The Eurekan multisport event will include a sprint-distance triathlon on Friday, road bike tour rides and races on Saturday and running races on Sunday.


The Skillet’s Not Hot

Let me say that I really want to like every restaurant you guys recommend. I promise I do. In fact, I want to like every restaurant I try.


It’s Not What You Wear

Years and years of waiting and wondering whether or not we would ever be able to marry, years and years of enduring dire predictions about the downfall of humanity if we were allowed to marry, and then we did … and nothing happened.


The Fate Of The West

The U.S. acquired most of the West by force from Mexico, due to the war with Mexico. Agreed the U.S. won the war with Mexico, but did that make it right? Why does Mexico not go to the World Court and sue?

Advice Advice Goddess

Managed Frisk

We all have our indulgences, but how much porn is too much? My boyfriend has hundreds of porn bookmarks in his smart phone.


Aggressive Communication

I have heard aggression talked about as a neutral thing. It’s different from anger. It is force, and force is often called for. Without it we’d be mashed to the ground.