Reading The Fine Print

I was reading the classifieds the other day. I tend to browse through the news sections, glancing at headlines, reading a full story now and again, and seeing what advertisements catch my eye. I tend to look a little more closely at the ads now that I’m moving into sales. My deductive reasoning filters that less is more. Space allows our brains to adjust to the information that is there. Perhaps that is the purpose of the space between the vertical columns in the paper. Unless everything is teeny tiny, as it is in the classifieds, it’s hard for our eyes to adjust to big and small print. Mostly only the big print gets absorbed, unless particular attention is applied. Which leads me to believe that is why all of the classifieds are printed in such small print.
Running a “display” ad (the bigger box ads in classifieds) certainly serves its purpose and is worth the additional expense. They are to the paper as headlines are to stories. I like to read the little ads though. Maybe because one of my first duties at the paper was taking classified ads. I see it as a social service. There are free ads available to help the general public shift their used belongings to and fro. You can still renew these ads at no cost and run them until your item is sold. There’s just a limit as to how many you can run at one time. I take the time to write about it, because I feel that there are many out there who don’t know of this service. I’m a firm believer in sharing knowledge, particularly when it comes to good news.
If you read the classifieds you’ll always find something of interest. Even if it is just a catchy phrase for a pickup line taken from the incarcerated personals pen-pal request listing. (You got to watch those closely, because the good ones don’t stay listed for long!) So the next time you are looking to buy or sell a particular item, try it out with the classifieds, because people that are looking are listing there.

Springtime Fever
A few news tidbits:
▲ Baseball season is here! The University of Arkansas Razorbacks are leading off with a 6-0 record (hopefully
8-0 at press time). Be sure to get to a game this year. You will not be disappointed.
▲ The Naturals’ opening night will be April 7. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, March 5. You can be sure they will be running specials and promotions all year as they build the legacy of Farm League Baseball in NWA.
▲ Mardi Gras will be the talk of the town this weekend. This year Fayetteville will host a series of events, including a costume ball at 1 E. Square Plaza. The “Masquerade of Fools: The Funkytown Ball” will begin at 7 p.m. For more information go to As always, Eureka Springs will host a slew of events. Visit for details. Bella Vista will celebrate on Sunday, March 6, from 1 to 3 p.m. at Riordan Hall. Check it out at

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