Passover, Mercury Stations Direct, Aquarian Salon

Passover, Mercury Stations Direct, Aquarian Salon

We are now in the time of Passover (Pesach), the Jewish festival of freedom and the story of the Angel of Death passing over the homes of the Hebrew people on the night when they left Egypt.

Passover (Pesach, lamb) began Monday night, April 22 (ending Tuesday, April 30). Passover this year began the evening before the Wesak full moon Buddha Festival. When the different religions of the ages coincide, the foundation for the new world religion is being created. The heavens always proclaim important events summoning humanity to actively and consciously participate in its own history and destiny.

Passover commemorates the Hebrew people’s flight from slavery and bondage in Egypt (Age of Taurus, materiality) and their 40-year sojourn in the desert (purification) before entering Canaan, land of milk and honey (Age of Aries, the Age of the Laws). Canaan represented freedom. The festivals of Passover (Aries Age) and the Resurrection of Christ (Pisces Age) are of like significance. Both are liberation events, in different times and Ages (an Age is 2,500 years). Both occurred under similar stellar influences – Springtime. Both gave a fresh new impulse to the life of humanity.

The 5th Life Wave (which is us, called the Aryans (“thinkers”) has its foundation in the laws known as the Ten Commandments. A new law was added at a later time (during the Pisces Age), which was “to love one another.”

On Thursday, April 25, at 5:54am (PT), Mercury turns stationary direct at 16 degrees Aries. We can move slowly forward now with major decisions, plans and agendas. Slowly, because Mercury will move forward slowly too, through its retrograde shadow. Mercury will be clear of its retrograde shadow Wednesday, May 15th. On that day, Mercury leaves Aries and enters Taurus, which will anchor the initiating ideas and revelations we experienced while Mercury was in Aries. Passover ends Tuesday evening, April 30. Wednesday, May 1 is Beltane, May Day. April showers bring May flowers.

The next Aquarian Salon (on Zoom) is Saturday, April 27, at 10am (Pacific Time). The title is Three Festivals, a triangle, Goodwill & the Sound of the Divine Word. The paintings in the Salon, by Ludger Phillips, are of Aries, Taurus/Scorpio and Gemini. Ludger’s paintings are creative, colorful, symbolic and potent. Everyone is invited. Won’t you join us? (Aquarian Salon link: – code: gam – 839 0016 8325)

ARIES: Jupiter, the heart of Aquarius, calls you to leadership in the creation of the new culture and civilization. This great god provides you with courage, inimitable daring and mental audacity to see far into the future and adapt and reorient your professional talents for the progress of humanity. You will resist being overbearing and arrogant, opposing virtues of a good leader. You will travel and your gifts will be recognized.

TAURUS: Through study, possible travel, and involvement with many different occult and historic, artistic and philosophical studies, you learn how different countries are meeting the needs of their people. You adapt them to the need of the country you live in. It is natural that previously held beliefs and possible prejudices cease as perspectives expand and knowledge leads to wisdom. You will then bring needed change to your community. Think soil, food, fish, algae, biodynamics and building with nature.

GEMINI: We must always begin with ourselves before offering change to the world. In coming months, a deep psychological self-awareness unfolds that offers a deep healing to your past. This liberates your energy and creates an inner regeneration. You then will understand more deeply the suffering of humanity and apply your love/wisdom to their needs. Many benefit from your loving beneficence. You will receive and then share a spiritual inheritance.

CANCER: An inner need to help others grows more and more each day. Partnerships will be formed around the common themes of nurturing and caring those less fortunate. You are to cultivate gardens, animals, build storehouses of food, medicines, seeds, water and books for many in need may be arriving at a later date. For those who are married, attending to these tasks together enhances your original vows and promises.

LEO: Realizing humanity (Aquarius) is your marriage partner, you will openly and willingly seek to offer creative and artistic skills to humanity as greater and greater needs surface in the world. As your true purpose of help and healing surfaces, you cultivate and better understand your creative strength, power and might. You will work hard to achieve balance and harmony for the kingdoms (earth, animals, plants, human) summoning you. Your health is vital. Lead with both power and love.

VIRGO: More and more your true self becomes apparent, the vital essential inner beauty of self. You then become yourself, no longer dutiful or fearful and acting as expected but a new confident expression comes forth. This authentic self becomes useful to others. You are the sign of the mother who feeds the world. Your heart must be open to the world before you can attempt to nourish it. Think about food gardens – biodynamic and hydroponic. Why are they useful for the coming times?

LIBRA: As the year unfolds, as the continuing crisis also unfolds, humanity will seek safety, healing, peace and security, and these will have to be found in many different ways. It is good to consider using your resources to seek land, create community and provide a stable purposeful village, commons, center for those close to you. Your usual generosity toward friends will expand to include many more. Something new is soon coming into the world. It will shake people up. You have the ability to create and sustain comfort, solace, security – psychological gifts soon needed.

SCORPIO: Although you are considered the hermit of the zodiac, it will surprise you (and others) that in times to come you will emerge from your cave and offer the world vital and needed information. Your research into the coming times makes you more knowledgeable than most about a coming upheaval and reorientation. It’s good to study and train in survival skills. Extended travel may be necessary forging newly formed relationships. Mental confusion, questioning and fears will cease. As world need arises, you step to the forefront.

SAGITTARIUS: Perhaps you are not aware of this but you have been in training on using resources carefully and wisely. In the coming times, resources we’ve placed great importance on will dwindle and new resources will gradually become available. You will be very sensitive to these new resources – how to seek, find and obtain them. Then, because your compassion is developed, you will share and disperse them judiciously, managing the new materialism with intelligence and prudence. The new materialism is the new sharing society.

CAPRICORN: You will understand a new cycle is appearing in our world and your inherent leadership, governing and democratic skills come to light. No longer hiding talents under propriety or childhood wounds, you become a resource for others in how to survive difficult challenges. You’re ahead and at the top now, providing everyone with direction in constructing the new culture and civilization. There will be many ladders to climb. You provide a creative impulse for others to follow.

AQUARIUS: Deeply spiritual and religious dimensions have begun to reveal themselves to you. Seeking to know your past lives, seeking to help heal others, these are a few of what is new thinking in your life. Aquarians will become new era ministers and healers and the new scientists will eventually prove the Soul’s existence. Empathy and dispassion grow along with keen observational abilities. You may help build the new Noah’s Ark through writing and/or publishing. Humanity will seek comfort from the future you already know of and live in. Keyword: listening.

PISCES: There is an aspiration within calling you to offer humanity a place where education, culture, knowledge and wisdom flourish. This place will be found. You will teach others to have hope, ideas, goals and wishes, all of which impact the future. You will teach the new values needed on our planet that will create the new materialism (spiritually focused goals). You will not work alone. Many will share your visions. Your communication and how you live will assist others in understanding the coming social reforms. You will build that community. It’s already in the etheric plane.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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