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Discipline And Words

A man I trust very much said to me recently that I can let everything else I do be completely undisciplined, so long as I practice discipline as a writer. Instead, I fulfill obligations.


Puppets And ‘A War Story’

Using puppets, live music and hand, rod and shadow puppets coupled with a transforming set, the show explores the question of how we remember such monumental events as WWI.


Oscar Bingo!

Oscar Bingo — just like the real thing, only without the tumbling ball machine or the letters B, I, N or G.


Oscar Night Drinking Game

If Oscar bingo isn’t your thing, how about a friendly Oscar night drinking game with compadres and acquaintances?


And The Winner Is …

Movie dorks like myself live for this time of year because it validates one of our favorite pastimes — arguing about movies.


Razor’s Edge Cuts It Right

Even though I went around 2 p.m., I decided that since they’re nice enough to serve breakfast all day long, I’d take them up on their offer. I had the Car Driver’s Special, which consists of a ground round patty (it’s a hamburger), two eggs, hash browns and two pieces of toast.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Horoscopes: Feb. 24 edition

Risa’s Astrology for Feb. 24 and beyond


My Plate

Last week the press reported that three priests, a monsignor and a Catholic school teacher are all facing criminal charges after a Philadelphia grand jury found a pattern of child sexual abuse.