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Low And Highbrow Achieved

Tim Lippe is a rube of the highest order. He lives in the small town of Brown Valley, works for Brown Star Insurance and dates his old sixth-grade teacher.


Liam Neeson: Badass

Liam Neeson has stumbled onto a title not usually acquired by men in their late 50s: Action Hero. With the surprise hit “Taken,” Neeson became a dogged, blood-splattering force for good.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Horoscopes: Feb. 17 edition

Risa’s words for the week beyond Feb. 17


Live Music: Feb. 17 And Beyond

Hey, it’s live music, open mics, karaoke … you know, that kind of thing.


Going Whole Hog

No matter how much cowbell I used, the fever couldn’t be cured, so I decided that maybe some barbecue would do the trick.

Family Friendly

8 Days: Feb. 17 And Beyond

Art, events, music, classes, tomfoolery, excitement, dancing and more.


Hail To The Chief

Presidential IPA is a year round 5.7 percent alcohol offering from Arkansas’ own Diamond Bear Brewing Co. in Little Rock.


Fluid Movements

Wolves were after the girl. She ran and reached the tree at the end of the yard that held a swing she’d constructed out of a flexible sheet of red plastic and two dirty white lengths of rope.

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Beyond ‘The Gate’

The subject matter in Candy Lee’s debut CD “The Gate” is difficult to explain. The lyrics — read without the music — may seem deceptively simple. When mixed with Lee’s original musical compositions, the essence of her message expands.

Features Music

Calling All Banjos

Frustrated that various avenues of dissent seem to have no significant impact, the anti-war committee of the Omni Center decided to stage a different kind of event.