Horoscopes: Feb. 10-16

Jan. 20 to Feb. 18

Valentine’s day (Monday) this year is filled with nurturing, caring & tending opportunities as the Moon’s in Cancer with a trine (harmonizing) to Chiron (acts of love that heal one another). Simultaneously, Mercury in Aquarius is trine Saturn in Libra so another level of harmony (mental) pervades & permeates our thoughts, minds & hearts the entire day. Later in the evening we’ll seek depth of connection offering all that we have to one another. It’s a special day of mental contact. What is love anyway but pure reason? Contact releases the love on Valentine’s Day. So, let’s make contact. Foods appropriate for a Valentine Cancer moon day are those that comfort, provide warmth, are silky smooth with the richest of ingredients.

The ancient roots of Valentine’s Day take us back to fertility festivals held within magic circles drawn in meadows, hill & dale. Humanity imitating the potential fertility of the earth soon to be seeded & warmed by the Sun. This potential stirring in them brought forth thoughts of mating, breeding & procreation. Humanity’s cellular structure always reflects the heavenly energies as well as the indigenous Earth energies. Humanity stands at the center of all energies on Earth.

Valentine’s Day is a seasonal, agricultural, pastoral festival of hope in the midst of winter. Celebrating this moment of time between Christmas & the upcoming Resurrection Easter festival, a natural realignment with the Earth occurs within the cells of all living creatures that restores vitality, harmony, and through contact with nature (the most balanced kingdom), love is released worldwide. Let us consciously participate in this love festival. Let us “be of love a little more careful than of anything.” (e.e. cummings). And so how does each sign love?

ARIES: With passion, inclusivity, self-assertion, courage, pride & purpose. Aries are often a bit naïve when it comes to love. They are innocent & unquestioning – of course you want them if they want you! They can be very demanding. They come first, their wishes to be fulfilled immediately. They are not selfish people, just self-focused which is their developmental task. Good luck to those with Aries people. You need patience.

TAURUS: With consistency, constancy, trust and goodwill. Ruled by Venus, they love with their hearts & minds. They don’t go to sleep without saying “I love you.” They need contact & connectivity so they give these in relationships. They are good relationship teachers. If Taurus loves you, you belong to them. They say, “I love you because you’re mine.” It’s as simple as that. Taurus takes care of those they love.

GEMINI: With lots of talk & communication, with new ideas & great intelligence, with wit & humor. Even though they have these virtues of connectivity, they are sometimes lost, indecisive, unaware of things close at hand. So often they need help. This is how we can love them, butterflies that they are, adrift in a meadow of flowers calling to them to sip their pollen. We would be confused, too. Geminis, if you can catch them, have Venus in their hearts. They suffer at the plight of others.

CANCER: With lots of circuitous walking & talking before they hone in and become yours for life. Called moody, they are actually always trying to maintain an equilibrium between all that need nurturing, cared for, tended to and nourished. Cancers love intensely, with a forcefulness one sees only in the animal kingdom when the mother lion protects her young. Cancers loves their home, family, children. They love protectively, tenderly, affectionately, warmly, fiercely.

LEO: Indulgently, with style, creativity, artfulness & pride. Loving (needing) the center of attention, you must either meet their attractiveness, thus adding to it, or be in the shadows (theirs) not blocking their light. This is not critical or judgmental. It’s the fact that Leos evolve through the attention & recognition. Then they can love from the very heart of the Sun. We know the Sun dominates all life, all realities here on Earth. So does Leo, unless they’re hurt. They are sensitive (like Cancer).

VIRGO: With perfection (with a touch of abandonment), in an orderly & organized fashion (unless they feel out of control). Not often seen out and about, unless they’re walking somewhere (to eat?) for health reasons. They love to find fault so they can correct it (with love). They are seemingly composed. However, inside they quiver like a jellyfish! They hide new states of consciousness. Their love is complex, comprehensive, forever.

LIBRA: With charm, rationality, politely & harmoniously. They love with sugar on top, with magnetic allure that moves around constantly until it comes to a rest, pausing long enough to see who they love. They choose those who can bring balance to their imbalance, light to their shadows, decision to their contradictions. They love if there are no arguments, even if they start them themselves. They are the captivating beauty of the zodiac.

SCORPIO: With passion, unequaled by any other sign (except Pisces). With a magical, mysterious, supernatural, unexplained, & inexplicable gaze, they capture & spellbind us to believe they understand our very soul, our deepest feelings. Nothing’s hidden from them. A relationship with Scorpio is a special encounter where one experiences profound transformation, regeneration & rising like a phoenix out of the ashes. It’s a profound event! Watch their eyebrows.

SAGITTARIUS: With adventure, a bit of innocence, with joy, frankness and supreme optimism. Sometimes, unable to articulate their deepest feelings, they become philosophical, wax earnestly on justice, attempt to be cheerful, end up inarticulate or clumsy & then are misunderstood. Sad. We however, learn from them if we love them. Just listen, take notes. Archers, riding white horses, clearing the Path out of the jungles – their information is valuable, someday. Let’s follow them.

CAPRICORN: With admiration, ambition & success. Capricorn will climb mountains seeking those they love. They even turn into unicorns when love finds them. They give diamonds, they love with purpose, perceive reality behind all surfaces, and build & create structures for their loved one to live and live well in. A Capricorn’s love is hard working, self-confident and traditional. One is lucky to be with a Capricorn.

AQUARIUS: With a friendly sort of freedom, unusual & unique. They offer those they love freedom because they themselves are free. Everyone’s an acquaintance. But the one they love is their deep and trusted friend. Like the tides, they have swings of emotion. At times they are the life of the party. At other times, they seek solitude for restoration. Only the unusual & very accepting can be lovers with Aquarians. They are a light that shines on Earth & across the sea.

PISCES: With devotion and at times with the virtues of all the other signs. Theirs is an ideal love. It is said that the most devoted parents are Pisces. As lovers they want the relationship to save the world. They want it to contain the Light of Life itself. They don’t belong on Earth. They take us away to unknown worlds. They are elusive. They hide. It’s takes someone very grounded, safe & trusting to catch the fish. It takes an ocean of love to keep them.

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