Let Isolation Be the Rule

The entire week builds toward Wednesday’s (July 15) new moon of Cancer (23.14 degrees). Mercury has entered Cancer. We speak in ways that allows others to feel emotional security. Our words offer sustained nourishment. We are resourceful, bringing people & ideas together. We care for and “mother” all environments.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday are under the Taurus moon. We seek the Art of Living truthfully and sustainably. Sunday, Gemini moon, the Cancer Sun squares Uranus (all things new) in Aries. Squares challenge us into new directions, lead to the future, work with a new identity (Aries), under the new Aquarian Laws & Principles (new rhythms/archetypes).

Monday Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. Trines are harmonious. They lead us to heaven through mystical, spiritual insights and perceptions. Monday night and Tuesday Venus squares Saturn. We consider the state of our finances and resources. And the world’s finances in difficulty.

Wednesday is Cancer new moon. At new moon times we recognize, stand with, support and “uplift the hands, arms and endeavors of the New Group of World Servers and women and men of Goodwill everywhere”. The Cancer keynote when building the personality is “Let isolation be the rule, yet the crowd exists.”

After lifetimes of building the personality (physical body, emotions, lower mind), unaware of the Soul’s presence, we eventually become isolated, disconnected and lonely. This deep isolation creates in us a call for help. The Soul, always listening, replies, directing its light, love, intelligence and will-to-good for the first time into the personality. A relationship begins between the personality and the Soul. Isolation and loneliness cease. Realization of Oneness, connectivity and unity are felt. The Soul “builds a lighted house (in the personality) and from then on dwells within it.” Our life changes.

ARIES: The new moon sheds light upon home, mother(ing), nurturance, nourishment and how you need to live. Is comfort and security found in your home? How are family relationships. Is there a need to move, redecorate, restructure or redesign? Dynamics with parents and family, a new foundation, more nurturance are assessed to meet emotional needs. Design and build a gate.

TAURUS: There’s a need to make changes in thoughts and communication with self and with others. There’s more be learned about listening carefully, understanding, speaking or not speaking. As you listen and learn new perspectives become clear along with new ideas. Listening is most important. All your endeavors creates knowledge for others. You’re to bring about changes within the self for others to imitate.

GEMINI: Financial stability is important. In our financially unstable times, we must understand the undercurrents (reality) of our present and future economic situation. It’s important to be up to date, to read Catherine Austin Fitts’ (solari.com/blog) site daily. She brings forth information, awareness and interpretation of world events, particularly financial, explaining our current difficult times. Knowledge is a psychological security. It leads to Right Action.

CANCER: The new moon calls you to greater self-identity, self-development, self-recognition, self-esteem seeing yourself as strong and reliable. It also brings forth an identity crisis; the old perceived self, ways and choices falling away. What you have done before must be changed. If you are determined to go about your life as before, without needed and practical adjustments, you will find yourself isolated and in danger. What needs to change in your life? What must you say yes or to?

LEO: There is great expansion within your heart, mind and self-identity. There has also been much grief, from long ago, with those you love as you were learning how to love. In coming months you’ll be spiritually impressed with the fact that you are interdependent. Joy in your life is in direct relation to making real contact with others. Your rich reservoir of talents needed expressing. For others to mentor.

VIRGO: It would be good to study historical groups, masonry, different societies and the entire human race’s progression through the centuries. The history of humanity as a group becomes more interesting and significant. As we have true identity, our sense of self-worth is anchored, established and then helping others, humanitarianism, emerges and true service is a daily experience. Virgo is the sign of service.

LIBRA: Libras are many times like Capricorns, climbing the ladder of success. At times Librans feel great pressure concerning career, advancement, making money, public recognition. This creates a determination to advance, step around obstacles, pierce glass ceiling. You also look for evidence of success through material resources. In coming months different realities emerge. Know your service is seen, recognized, welcomed and appreciated.

SCORPIO: You’re being given the opportunity to delve into abstract thoughts, intangible to most. Especially about beauty. You think about morals and ethics, religious practices, philosophical issues. You seek a new foundation and structure in life. It comes through study and cultural expansion. Travel, too. Pursue the wisdom of the ages, in whatever culture you find yourself in. You’re to travel over the seas.

SAGITTARIUS: Attempt to share all things physical, material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Sharing brings more and more resources forth. Perhaps you’ve never thought of true sharing till now. For our spiritual development, we must begin to share all that we have until one day we actually give ourselves away, a high level of spiritual development. Many of us are not here yet. But you’re swifter than most.

CAPRICORN: Perhaps in your mind there’s a pull between work and home, self and others, public and personal. This is difficult, as if you’re on a cross – pulled up/down, side to side. Actually you are. It’s the fixed cross and you’re being asked by the Soul to offer yourself equally to all four areas of life. To self, to the “other” (intimate), to family, to the world. The emphasis in on family now and relationship. As you fulfill these duties to both, you are transformed.

AQUARIUS: There is a need to focus on health and nutrition. It’s essential that you reduce all things that lead to stress and overwork. This includes physical and psychological worries. Having the intention to cooperate with others creates deep and lasting psychological health. Should there be anything you need in daily life, communicate this to others. Be very careful with finances and resources. Pray daily for right work, the right home and for nurturance.

PISCES: You’re being subtly urged to express more affection and love. It brings joy to you; something deeply needed to strengthen your life force. Expressing true affection also develops balance and cultivates self-esteem. Often Pisces are ignored and not seen. This can be a wound. A balance between spiritual and physical is essential for Pisces to feel happy and enjoy life. We become what we give. Notice those around you who love more. Imitate them.

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