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Two Years Of Last Saturdays

For two years, Houston Hughes has been running his pet project, Last Saturday, and it’s grown exponentially from its humble beginnings.

Advice Risa's Astrology

We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident

Saturday, July 4th, is the 239th birthday of the United States commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence (the U.S. astrology chart has Aquarius moon – freedom for its people, by its people).

Making Ripples

Ring-necked Snakes

“Judge me by my size, do you?” says Yoda and our local Ring-necked Snake, Diadophis punctatus. Sometimes, the best presents come in small packages.

Cover Story

Fayetteville Community Radio Prepares for Broadcast

Community members have completed much of the heavy lifting for establishing a non-commercial, locally programmed radio station at the Chancellor Hotel in downtown Fayetteville.

Advice Advice Goddess

Emotion Sickness

There are times you may want to tell a woman to calm down, like when you lack live electrical wire to chew on or are curious as to how the nurses would react if you walked into the ER with your head under your arm.

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Same-Sex Marriage Legalized

Friday, June 26 was an emotional, roller-coaster day for Rick McCormick and his partner, Jackie Blair.

Legacy Archive

Intelligently Applaud Gay Marriage, Please

Supporters of justice were very pleased the Supreme Court helped advance equality and gay rights. However, some celebrants are applauding in the wrong directions.