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Advice Risa's Astrology

Light in the Mind, Light of the World

On July 15th, at the new moon (no light) something new was initiated in the Unites States called Jade Helm (July 15 – Sept. 15).

Legacy Archive

The Weekly Lowdown: Statues of Limitations

Back in April, Arkansas state legislators approved a privately funded statue of the Ten Commandments to be erected on the Capitol lawn.


Folk Trio to Release Debut Album

While the name Snake Girty Turncoat sounds like a folk legend, it’s actually the Fayetteville-based folk trio of musicians Ansel Ogle, Ginny Garber-Ogle and Joshua Walters.

Making Ripples

Lovely Ladybugs

Do ladybugs bring good luck? Well, not if you’re an aphid.


An Open Letter To [The Majority Of] Modern Politicians

I’ve got a major bone to pick with the way this country is operated.

Advice Advice Goddess

Mourning Breath

You’ve got a bad case of the “coulda shouldas,” which, in psychology, is called “counterfactual thinking,” as in thinking “counter” to the actual “facts” of what happened.


The Free Weekly Wins Awards

The Free Weekly earned two first-place awards for large weeklies during the Arkansas Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.

Cover Story

KUAF Summer Jazz Series Kicks Off

It’s been said rock musicians play three notes to 3 million people while jazz musicians play 3 million notes to three people. The Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society works to even the playing field.