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Memoirist Kelly Holst to Be Ozark Poets and Writers' Featured Writer

Carol “Kelly” Holst is a letter writer. (For millennials out there in the audience, a “letter” is like an email, except it’s written on paper, and physically transported from here to there by a governmental agency known as the ” United States Postal Service.”)

Making Ripples

All About Tenacious Ants

Ants have been an inspiration to humans because of their hardworking nature, social collaboration, and their ability to solve complex problems. They are in many ways quite noble, sacrificing themselves

Advice Advice Goddess

Crowd Mary: Feed Extroversion with Activity

There’s nothing like that thrill of finally getting a text on some Saturday night — and then realizing it’s just your grandma playing with her new iPhone.


How-to Hair Girl Revisits Fayetteville

I recently had the opportunity to do my first collaboration shoot with my friend and old business partner Roxie Jane Hunt, who’s widely known as the popular blogger How-to Hair Girl.

Cover Story

Comedians Weigh In: Is Our Culture Becoming Hyper Sensitive?

We see it all over our social media newsfeeds every day. Someone notable says something opinionated or possibly offensive and it trends, starts a news cycle and rustles everyone’s feathers for a little while. Then we move on to the next.


Reflections On Mass Shootings and The Racist South

It’s interesting… The thing that gave me enough drive to get outside of my comfort zone of entertainment and talk about the things that matter was a shooting.


Raw, Psychedelic Duo to Release Debut Album

Aggressive riffage, a crazy bass/guitar rig, grungy vocals and psychedelic effects make up the raw sound of new Fayetteville rockers Of The Heavy Sun.

Advice Risa's Astrology

‘I Build a Lighted House & Therein Dwel’

Wednesday, June 24th, Chiron turns stationary retrograde (we turn inward) at 21.33 degrees Pisces. We usually speak of “retrograde” when referring to Mercury.

Making Ripples

Hope for Native Bats

A decade ago, the introduced fungus Psuedogymnoascus destructans (White-Nose Syndrome) began to severely reduce populations of native bats in Canada and the United States.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Summer Solstice, Sun Gods, Uriel & Father’s Day

Sunday is Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere/Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere) and Father’s Day.