How-to Hair Girl Revisits Fayetteville

How-to Hair Girl Revisits Fayetteville

I recently had the opportunity to do my first collaboration shoot with my friend and old business partner Roxie Jane Hunt, who’s widely known as the popular blogger How-to Hair Girl!

Rox and Nicolia Jacoby, a now locally-based jewelry designer, moved here from Seattle, Wash., in 2008 and opened Mayapple Salon in January of 2009. I was in awe when I first met these two and was asked to join the Mayapple family before we opened in 2009! After Roxie and Nikki made their move back to Seattle, I took over ownership in 2011 and have been doing my best to always keep the spirit of these two amazing ladies alive.

With my old friend back in town, we decided to do a photo shoot. The result is her and I’s artistic expression combined in one shoot featuring the jewelry of the wonderfully talented Nikki Jacoby.

Since Rox left Arkansas, she has been living in Seattle and raising her daughters with her husband Jonny. She now travels and writes for her blog part-time, and works as a salon and editorial hairstylist and photographer as well. She’s also CEO of Free Your Hair Industries, the production company that encompasses herself as a stylist, the blog and publishing company, and her holistic hair care line, formerly ShamPHree — now Free Your Hair, which is coming soon.

What drives Rox most is her desire to educate people on the topic of natural hair care and general empowerment, having spearheaded the Free Your Pits body hair positivity movement.

“I am passionate about spreading the concept of inspired, empowered beauty in all forms,” she said. “I aim to help legitimize hair styling as an art form and a relevant thread in our social fabric.”

Hunt’s writing work can be found all over the web, in Huffington Post, Washington Post, Refinery 29, Buzzfeed and Offbeat Home and Life; to name a few.

Hunt is also working on her first book, “Free Your Hair,” which will be published next year. The girl stays busy.

“I don’t know what I would do without the support of my husband and kids,” she said. “God knows I am all over the place these days, and they keep me sane and grounded.”

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