Band of the Week

Band of the Week
Indiana & The Byrds

Band members and day jobs:
Rob Lee: Acoustic guitar and vocals. Job ‘n motion
Eddie Mekelburg: Electric guitar, student UAFS
Clay Prater: Electric guitar and piano, student UA
Jason Mitchell: Bass, Mayes Plumbing
Noah Taylor: Skins, U.P.S.
Band born: April 1, 2008

Type of music: Indie/Rock/Alternative/Blues
Originals or covers: Originals

Sounds like: Pretty and slow. Loud and fast. Quick and to the point.

Songwriter’s muse: Those sweet orange tipped water pistols with that exclusive plastic action, dead friends, motorcycle pigs and life…its everywhere.

Influences: Stewart Copeland, Mike McCready, Jack White, John Frusciante and Sinister Gates

Accomplishments: We recently helped raise nearly $1,000 for Bruce Parker at a benefit show on his behalf.

What kind of crowd do you draw: We tend to cater to our peers (people in their 20’s)

When and where do you practice: We used to practice at home until a nice Fayetteville Police Officer decided to write us a citation for violating the city’s sound ordinance. Now we practice at our friend Chase’s house in Tontitown. Thanks Chase!

Any albums: ‘Untitled’ – 11 track acoustic lp which is free to anyone who comes to a show.

Total number of tattoos and piercings: 25

Back stage ritual: None

Funniest or strangest thing that ever happened during a performance: Once, while performing in Fort Smith, Eddie was rocking a little to hard and fell right off the stage and flat on his back. He still never missed a note!

Plans: We plan on self-releasing a six song e.p. in October entitled ‘Danger, Danger’ and to finish recording our record by the end of the year.

Goals: To get signed to a neat, obscure indie label and release our record.

New Projects: We are going to try and help get some people registered to vote by having the forms on our merch table. We are also working on a petition to raise the sound level ordinance in Fayetteville 10db in commercial and residential areas.

Dream act to open for: The Racontuers. They are probably the one band that we can all sit down, listen to, and collectively agree that we like.

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