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Mandolin Orchestra Plucks Along in NWA

The Mandolin Orchestra of Northwest Arkansas is keeping the plucked string traditions of nations like Russia, Italy and Greece alive and modern in this community. The collective of more than

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Gemini Festival of Goodwill, World Invocation Day

This entire week is a preparation by the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) for the June full moon (Tuesday) & to welcome the Forces of Reconstruction, great outer planetary forces streaming into the Earth at the Gemini Solar Festival.


Mother of 3 Designs Delightful Dresses

Darcy has sewn heavily for the past 11 years, mostly making dresses for herself using vintage patterns.

Making Ripples

Caring for Outdoor Cats

In addition to cruelty, the American Humane Association has listed numerous threats to outdoor cats, including: feline leukemia, AIDS, and feline infectious peritonitis.

Legacy Archive

A Nuclear Weapons Ban Emerging

Every moment of every day, all of humanity is held hostage by the nuclear nine.


Big Star Opens on Block

The bar — while still in its beginning stages — has a high-end, low-key feeling to it that flirts between urban and small town.


On The Subject Of The Duggars

This is going to be a hard article. It’s going to be hard to write, and in all likelihood it’s going to be hard to read.

Cover Story

Waka Bound: Local Rock Band To Play Festival

As it’s been for the past month, it was raining this past Sunday afternoon as Vintage Pistol formed up and put on their rock n’ roll shoes.

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Rise And Spine

There’s little that tempers a man’s enthusiasm for a late-night shag like responding to his “want 2 hook up?” by texting back, “YES! i’m ovulating & dying 2 have a baby!”


Liquid Filters

Pale blue around the brim, the foggy liquid filters into a teal green; tiny specks of yellow dust the concentric discs.