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‘Grounded’: Cofffee Beans and Grounds Create Mural

By Janelle Jessen Annee Hofstra’s student exhibit at John Brown University ties the community of coffee together — from seed to cup — with a room-sized mural made out of


Out of the Woods Comes Wonderful Art

Speical to TFW Ozark Folkways hosted “Out of the Woods” a large-scale installation of woodland-inspired art by more than 25 local artists, last Friday in Winslow. The brainchild of residents

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Smells Like Bean Spirit

My girlfriend of a year is 51 and lovely in most areas — except one: She often passes gas and recently started belching audibly. She is a psychotherapist, dresses nicely,

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Time for Americans to Accept Responsibility for Our Military Interventions

By Jared Keyel Peace Voice The United States must accept responsibility for the damage its military actions have caused and recognize there are alternatives for the future. In the nearly

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10th Annual Peace Gardens Tour May 23

The perennially popular Peace Garden Tour celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and welcomes the public to explore a variety of garden themes and display. The tour is from 10