‘I Build a Lighted House & Therein Dwel’

Wednesday, June 24th, Chiron turns stationary retrograde (we turn inward) at 21.33 degrees Pisces. We usually speak of “retrograde” when referring to Mercury. But all planets retrograde. Next month in July Venus retrogrades. What is Chiron retrograde? Chiron represents the wound within all of us. Wounds have purpose. They sensitize us; make us aware of pain and suffering. Through our wounds we develop compassion. Through compassion we become whole (holy) again. Chiron helps develop these states of consciousness. Everyone carries a wound. Everyone carries family wounds (family astrology tracks the astrological “DNA” through generations).

Chiron wounds are deep within. We’re often not aware of them until Chiron retrogrades. Then the wounds (through pain, hurt, sadness, suffering) become apparent. They seem to break us open emotionally, psychologically. Painful events from the past are remembered. They are brought to the present for healing. Through experiencing, talking about and deeply feeling what is hurting us, healing takes place. We begin to understand and bring healing to others.

Chiron retrograde in Pisces means (sensitivity to) our suffering helps “save the world.” Chiron is retrograde until November 17th (16 degrees Pisces). Locating 16 – 22 Pisces degrees in our astrology charts helps us understand the area of life the wounds appear.

All week Jupiter and Venus move closer together in the sky. They meet in Leo at the full moon, Cancer solar festival, Wednesday, July 1st. The Cancer keynote is, “I build a lighted house and therein dwell.” The Soul’s light has finally penetrated the “womb” of matter. The New Group of World Servers is to radiate this light. To be “Lights unto the world.” Providing unlimited nourishment to all forms and creatures of life. Join us everyone, reciting the Great Invocation during the full moon. At the end of each sign are keywords to use and remember during the Chiron retrograde.

ARIES: You’re known for individuality and freedom of expression. Only Aquarius rivals you. And Pisces. In coming weeks and months, the need for individual freedom and creativity expands. Because you’re partially responsible for initiating changes in the present culture and civilization. Humanity is suffering and asleep. Suffering radicalizes us. Especially you. Divinity has a Plan to “make all things new.” You play a major part in this Plan. Patience in your keynote.

TAURUS: PAST hopes, dreams, wishes, friends, groups and associates are on your mind. You wonder about them. Your life goals and ambitions suddenly changed long ago after an unexpected event. Your mind wonders about the future and how to plan for it. As your life twists and turns you find yourself becoming liberated from the past. You didn’t know how this would occur. Understanding is your goal.

GEMINI: Flashes of intuition and insight help you make quick decisions that are authoritative, leading others to understand situations hidden behind fogs and illusions. Maintain independence. And begin to explain your actions to others so they can understand the whys, hows and meanings of your choices. This makes your endeavors more transparent and accepted. Wisdom is your calling.

CANCER: In the coming weeks and months, notice a changed philosophy of life emerge in your thinking that creates a new view of how to live your life with others. You may (help) create community with like-minded people who realize the ideas of the past need updating in order to build the new culture and civilization under the Aquarian Laws & Principles. Your mind travels to unusual places far and wide. Healing is your priority. Display gentleness.

LEO: What investments and resources are held in common with others. They may begin to behave erratically, with sudden ups and downs. Look into all things financial, attempting stabilization. Invest in gold and silver even when the market shifts, safekeeping precious metals and practical resources for coming times. You are intuitive enough to understand. Be tolerant. Be truly kind.

VIRGO: Relationships, marriages, partnerships, close intimate connections may experience sudden change and spur of the moment decisions, affecting the future. Tend carefully developing stability through clear communication. Calmly absorb unexpected upsets. Everything in our lives is turning upside down in order to create new values and the new materialism. This also creates new relationships. Summon strength of will.

LIBRA: Nothing routine occurs in any area of your life. Changes come forth to help develop original ideas and creativity. Focus your energy on helping friends, gardening and creating beauty. Notice how you upset the apple cart wherever you are. Because you ‘re a change-maker, greatly needed everywhere. Tend to you health. Be forgiving and steadfast.

SCORPIO: You find the need for more self-control, which would also provide you with more self-knowledge. Through discipline you come to know yourself, your needs and a new level of creativity emerges. Speculation is costly. Instead focus on independent thinking and how to break with all that’s old and seeking liberation. Keynote: Love more.

SAGITTARIUS: As you attempt each day to summon constancy and calmness, know that sudden upsets occur so you can experience more freedom. Balance your needs with family needs even if traveling far away. Inform them of the astrological energies creating change everywhere. Your family will understand. Ask them to look for these changes and communicate about them. This creates new traditions. Your true mantra is “Peace be with you.”

CAPRICORN: You experience your income and finances as fluctuating. In the coming times, don’t fret if this continues. Material things will come and go, unforeseen events will upset all plans. This is not due to anything you created. All conditions in our world are changing, even the waters you swim in. The new world is being created. It’s not here yet. We’ve just begun. Stay calm and rest a while. Have courage.

AQUARIUS: Your thinking, communicating, processing information and interacting with others is so spontaneous that changes begin to appear to everyone everywhere. You want to unexpectedly strike out in different directions, going here and there. New thinking appears. You become interested in science, technology and sources of light. And think more and more about community, which is where you belong. Sharing is your joyful keynote.

PISCES: You need to be in nature most of the time. You realize nature is the most balanced kingdom. Sometimes (often) you must work alone so your intuitive and investigative gifts emerge clearly. To maintain harmony you avoid oppositions, cooperating instead with accepted reality. Something or someone shatters your calmness. It’s not comfortable, yet it’s needed. The past arrives. Self-transcendence begins. You stand in dappled light.

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