Summer Solstice, Sun Gods, Uriel & Father’s Day

Sunday is Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere/Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere) and Father’s Day. We celebrate all fathers (some mothers who are also fathers) on this longest day of light for the year. We celebrate the masculine (radiating outward) aspects within all of us. We celebrate the “fathering” of newborns, and all men (fathers) who have, in ways great and small, impacted our lives.

At summer solstice the Sun in Cancer rests quietly for three days at the Tropic of Cancer before turning southward again. Since Winter Solstice the light each day grew stronger. When Summer Solstice begins, inaugurating the three months of summer, paradoxically there is less and less light each day.

Summer Solstice is also called Litha – Celtic for the month of June. Uriel, the summer Archangel, living and teaching in fields and meadows, protects the Earth.

The Sun’s golden power is celebrated at solstice. In early times there were bonfires at midnight reflecting the solstice as the longest day of light for the year. The crops are growing, the earth is warm and the animal kingdom (humanity is both animal & spirit) spends many hours in nature under the long day’s warming Sun. Summer is the exact opposite of the cold darkness of Yule.

Ancient people celebrated the Sun god at summer solstice. Their names (representing the disk, rays & power of the Sun): Amaterasu (Shinto); Ra & Aten (Egypt); Apollo (Greek); Lugh (like Mercury, Celtic). The feminine (heart) aspect of the Sun was revered through Hestia or Vesta (flames, Greek); Juno (Roman, June is named for her); Minerva (Celtic, goddess of Wisdom); Sunna (Norse, goddess of the Sun).

The solstice, Sunday, unfolds under a Sun/Saturn transit (Saturn is Father Time). We may feel very serious, aware of the passing of time. Monday Jupiter trines Uranus in the early morning. We harmoniously expand into the new world. The forerunners (New Group of World Servers) “imagine” this world first. Then everyone “sees” it. Imagine that!

ARIES: Life is preparing you for something new. Put things in order even though it feels quite difficult, responsibilities seem overwhelming and hard work is the only thing you know anymore. The present is preparing for a future time when hopes, wishes, ambitions and dreams manifest. Don’t fret if there’s been little recognition of your talents and gifts. This will change. All things come to pass.

TAURUS: Many things are impacting your self-identity and home. It’s most important to have right relationships with those close to you. Harmony at home is most important. It’s place of safety and security. There is much reorganization, reshuffling and reordering to be done there. Pay all bills on time. You will be asked to care for others in need. In the near future your foundations change. Prepare now for this.

GEMINI: You’re learning how to better express yourself in different, inclusive and more expanded ways. You’ve worked on communication, trying to carefully organize thoughts, ideas and information. Sometime soon, however, you need more amusement, fun, play, and recreation. They calm you. There something in your life that’s burdensome. When you’re called to assist and help other, you respond with Goodwill. There is gratitude.

CANCER: It’s important to understand how your inner world relates to your outer world and to see both worlds with no judgments. It’s easy to judge others. Judgments create separation and tension in both worlds. Concentrate on your virtues and gratitudes. Who personifies how you would like to be in the world. Imitate them. An inner preparation is taking place while your mind continues to be “made anew.”

LEO: We continue to learn each year more and more about ourselves. Leos are learning about values – physical, emotional, mental, moral, psychological and spiritual. And their importance. Values are a bit like virtues. You work diligently each day. Don’t allow fear to overcome your life. Maintain a focused order with finances and resources. A group interests you. Or you’re leading one. Create no dualities. Always explain yourself. And ask questions.

VIRGO: Assess your daily duties and responsibilities wherever you are working. New avenues of creativity bring forth recognition and honor. Consider all that you do as service – the Divine task of all Virgos. You understand this. Saturn, Dweller and Guardian on the Threshold, stands nearby. It’s directing your mind onto a new Path that liberates the past. Then you advance forward.

LIBRA: It’s important to know your personality characteristics and events in the past are showing up in daily life. You’re remembering in order to understand them. You’re on a ground,” many experiences have been difficult, surprising, a battle. So you could finally choose. Visualize standing under your Soul’s light, your Angel nearby. Then a beauty begins to unfold from within. Like lotus petals. You’re no longer the imprisoned prince or princess.

SCORPIO: I suggest a study of eagles and dragons. There’s a shadow around all of us. It consists of all past life events still seeking completion. In your nightly review have the intention to complete (and forgive, if necessary) and release all past interactions, relationships and events. So you can experience a greater “measure of life.” As you aspire toward completions all illusions and distortions fall away. First you’re naked. Then “triumphant.”

SAGITTARIUS: Are you being called to a new endeavor? Do you feel a bit of resistance and rebellion? When there’s great work to be accomplished, there’s also great achievement. Know you’re functioning with a promise of success. Your individual self is being expressed through your unique achievements. Don’t let this be a time of sadness. Allow nothing to be unleashed from the past. Focus in the present moment. It creates your future.

CAPRICORN: You’re heading to a great zenith in your life. What you plant bears fruit. Allow your higher mind, Soul, spirituality, your garden, the devas and angels to lead you. The benefits will be surprising. Do not allow yourself to feel narrow and confined. Even though you’re carrying the archetype of Persephone, there’s beauty in shadows and the dappled light of summer’s days. Read the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, especially “Pied Beauty.”

AQUARIUS: The focus of transformation continues to be finances, resources and possessions. This focus has purpose. To establish true values and to recognize them. Ask what’s most important. Determine the purpose of all resources. Share everything with others. Do this now for later there will be limitations when you will need care and assistance. We are given much so we can give much to others… unceasingly.

PISCES: Slowly and surely the past many years are continuing their completion cycle. Anything not quite finished or concluded will seek your attention. This occurs so, at a later date, you can begin new projects and endeavors. The present energy offered is only for finishing past projects, not for beginning new ones. Not yet. Should you resist this shadow phase events will lead you astray and/or pass you by. Be diligent and practical.

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