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Making Ripples

DIY Squirrel Feeders

If you have a charismatic hungry squirrel in your life, it can be hard (or impossible) to shoo it away from the bird feeders which you lovingly stock with great expense each month.

Advice Advice Goddess

Lord Of The Ringer

Okay then. You’ll just be having a nice big scoop of “What Comes Around Goes Around.” Cup or cone? Nuts? Sprinkles?


Walmart of War No More

The New York Times recently published “Criminal Inquiry Sought in Hillary Clinton’s Use of Email.” Regardless of criminality or not, why hide governmental email?

Legacy Archive

The Weekly Lowdown: Fayetteville Is Voted Pretty Cute

The lovely college town of Fayetteville has been called funky, chill, affordable, progressive and a “liberal hellspawn.” Now, the city can officially add cute.


A Second Amendment Thing

Following the shootings at a movie theater in Lafayette, La., governor Bobby Jindal proposed a plan to put metal detectors in movie theaters.

Cover Story

Up In The Trees: Local Carpenters Design and Build Deluxe Treehouses

Josh Hart is living his dream job. His company, Natural State Treehouses, works exclusively with its clients’ dreams of treehouses and builds them into reality.


Dog-Friendly Events Planned in August

Dogs take over the Prairie Grove Pool on Saturday, Aug. 22, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. for an end of summer doggy bash! $10 admission per dog, humans are free.