Two Fish Bound by a Golden Cord

Until March 20th (Spring Equinox), Earth and her kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, human) experience the influence of Pisces, sign of the World Savior. Whereas the task of Aquarius is as world server, the Pisces task is saving the world – tasks given to the two fishes. Pisces never really enters matter and as the last sign of the zodiac includes all the signs. During Pisces, having gathered all the gifts of the previous eleven signs, it is a good time to prepare for new initiating plans when Aries (sign of beginnings) begins. No wonder Pisces, like Scorpio, is so difficult (both are ruled by Pluto, planet of death, new life, regeneration, transformations). Both signs (with Scorpio drowning in dark and deep waters) find life on Earth a hardship, disorienting (from the spiritual perspective), at times feeling betrays. Life is a paradox, especially for Pisces.

Each zodiacal sign represents and distributes a different phase and facet (twelve) of the Soul’s diamond light, Pisces is the “Light of Life itself, ending forever the darkness of matter.” It takes two fishes to complete this work (creating eventually an extraordinary human being). One fish turned toward the material world (in order to understand matter), the other fish toward the heavenly world. Around the two fish is a silvery cord binding them together. The two fish are forever bound until all of humanity is redeemed (lifted up into the Light). This is the dedication of all World Saviors (Buddha, Christ, the NGWS). Thus the sacrifice and suffering experienced by Pisces. Knowing these things about Pisces, let us help them all we can. Sometimes all of humanity is Pisces.

ARIES: What social networks are you presently on? What’s social in your life? There’s such a push for you to be part of or create a group, to lead, instruct and interact with various groups around town that you may need a calming homeopathic like Aconite Napellis to help anchor your energy. Groups and community endeavors could be electrifying, overwhelming, exciting, technological and so deeply into the future that grounding is definitely needed. Keep at them.

TAURUS: Venus, the planet that helps you build your personality (body, emotions, lower mind) is in Aries (a new self identity). Eventually you will need to be out and about with groups, working in the world, directing, teaching and tending to outer realities with humanity all around. You are now in a state of retreat, moving deeply inward, almost unavailable. This is a natural rhythm.

GEMINI: Are you sharing with others what you’re learning? Are people interested and listening? Your thinking is gradually changing, encompassing a greater range of ideas, becoming more consciously inclusive. These are preparations for becoming a world server. As Venus, your Soul ruler, is in Aries, more inner spiritual intelligence is revealed. Wherever you are Venus will find you.

CANCER: You have many gifts and resources hidden away. You will begin sharing and then blending your abilities with others. This creates new resources, new ideas and techniques which later help transform humanity. The fact that others like and respond to you, sharing their secrets comes as a surprise. Then it gradually becomes a comfort. And then an intimacy.

LEO: It’s time for new adventures in relationships, partnerships and perhaps, for some Leos, marriage. If already married or committed search for ways to bring new vitality and excitement to the relationship, shedding non-working interactions, habits and expectations, some of which now wound. Have the intention to express deeper feelings, have more devoted and dedicated loving. It’s always about intention – the golden key.

VIRGO: You continue to organize and order externally. Internally, a new consciousness begins, affecting your relationships, creating new communication and ideas, new obligations and responsibilities. Small things may disturb you along with a temporary sensitivity to sounds. This means you need more B vitamins. Sources are oats, barley, wheat bran, avocado, salmon (wild caught), Brazil nuts (and other nuts). Organic, non-gmo, gluten free.

LIBRA: It’s good to recite a mantram morning and nighttime. It creates a gentle loving, healing rhythm in our lives and a light-filled vitality. Here’s a heart mantram (rhythmic prayer) for you. “At the center of all love I stand. From that center I the Soul will outward move. From that center I the one who serves will work. May the love of my Divine Self be shed abroad, in my heart, through my groups, and throughout the world.”

SCORPIO: Wherever you are, wherever is home, create intentions of beauty, calmness, love and healing. Create a reflective contemplative space with the music and the sound of bells. Make your home into a temple welcoming travelers (such as yourself) into a restful peace that soothes and nurtures. Make foods that purify, cleanse and penetrate deep into your body’s cells. Call yourself home. Study Ayurveda.

SAGITTARIUS: Scorpio’s words are also for you. However you have a bit more interaction occurring. You may be thinking ceaselessly about your hopes, needs and wants. You’ll wonder why you can’t stop. Somehow through all the talk and constant thoughts reality steps in. You begin to understand more and more about yourself, your choices, your wound, your brilliance. And then you fall asleep, exhausted at all the self-uncovering. And forget.

CAPRICORN: You wonder if you should follow a dream or become more practical. Following dreams actually is practical. So the question is what do you dream about and how do you envision yourself in these extremely transitional times? It’s important to place yourself within the context of the world changes occurring. You’re an extraordinary server. If you place your dreams within the context of serving humanity, your dreams come true.

AQUARIUS: This is a defining time historically for all Aquarians. We’re beginning to enter a new state of being, one influenced by the sign Aquarius which brings forth the new culture and civilization under new laws and principles. It would be good if you understood these laws and principles and began to work with them in all endeavors. This will insure your success and it will call forth your gifts from that new future and needed now.

PISCES: Something new is beginning for the fishes tied together with a golden cord, linking the personality and the Soul. You want to be free of anything old and previous, you want to swim in new waters with new schools of other golden fish. You’re very intuitive now, sensing things coming, you seek artists like yourself. They seek you, too. But shyness still prevails. It’s time for new shoes again. Red slippers perhaps.

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