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Nonviolent Activists Shape American Identity

As an American writer, I often examine the story of our nation for emergent archetypes of US identity. Several are terribly embarrassing for a citizen of conscience: the Couch Potatoes of Consumer-Capitalist Society, the American Gladiator of War-Rage and Bigotry, the Avaricious and Appalling Wall St. Tycoon.

Advice Advice Goddess

The Wicked Witch Of The Westin

It’s great to find a woman who laughs at your wit, but not when she sounds like she’ll follow up with “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!”


Book Review: Capitalism Is Beating Our Earth to Death, Help Her

In the bestselling book “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate,” journalist Naomi Klein investigates power as the issue.


‘Birdman’, ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’, Among Oscar’s Top Winners

One of the best Academy Awards I’ve seen in a while, thanks in no small part to the excellent and veteran hosting skills of Neil Patrick Harris.


The Aging Game

With growing older, there’s a lot of mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s cool to grow wiser and be able to reflect on more of your life. On the other, in a nutshell, it’s goodbye to more of your youth and hello to old age, “adulthood” and more health problems.


The Truth About Climate Change

If you have heard of Climate Change raise your hand.

Making Ripples

Age-Friendly Fayetteville

Just as sustainably sourced products often take into consideration the conditions of workers and the support of their communities, sustainable cities must evaluate features such as transportation, housing, and the design of outdoor and indoor public spaces, all of which have an effect on not just the environment but also people of all ages.


Shawn James To Crowdfund New LP

Up until now, Shawn James always sold his music at a “pay what you want” price point.


Hope Springs Eternal

According to some people, spring is going to be here before too long. That would be something to celebrate except that these people are all lying bastards.

Cover Story

Arkansas Senate Bars Local Protections For LGBTQ

A controversial law that will bar Arkansas cities from drafting civil rights laws similar to Fayetteville’s Ordinance 119 passed late Monday, Feb. 23.