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Making Ripples

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Winter is a great time to go nuts for squirrels and watch them scamper around looking for food while much of nature is dormant within its seasonal sleep.


Not the Marrying Type, Part II

Last week I introduced you to New York pastor, Stephen Kim, who wrote an article about what types of women Christian men should steer clear of when they’re looking for someone to marry.

Legacy Archive

Part II: Hidden Truth About Israeli-American War Crimes

In the previous essay, the true terrorist motives for 9-11 were listed, as opposed to the lie that “they hate our freedom.” These reasons were our military bases in Muslim holy lands, our military invasions and sanctions that killed half a million Iraqi children, and American-Israeli foreign policy.


Women in Corporate Ecosystems

Women face barriers to succeed in the corporate environment even though 74 percent of men are in agreement that diverse leadership teams results in greater company performance.

Advice Advice Goddess

Playing With Mismatches

The French make this sort of mismatch sound sexy and fabulous, calling what she’s feeling “la douleur exquise” — the “exquisite pain” of wanting somebody you can’t have.


February Fashion: Flora and Fauna Jewelry

January is typically a very cold and gloomy month and this inspired me to do a photo shoot and write-up on some amazing jewelry pieces that caught my eye while attending “The Little Craft Show” this past December.

Cover Story

Fayetteville Proclaims February As City-Wide Black History Month

With the theme of “Honoring the Unique History of African Americans in Fayetteville,” The City of Fayetteville proclaimed an official city-wide observation of Black History Month for February Tuesday, Jan. 27.

Advice Advice Goddess

Aquarius Calling, Humanity Rising

Aquarius (eleventh sign after Aries) is the sign of service – serving one another, building community. Aquarius is fixed air – stabilizing new ideas in the world.

8 Days a Week

Local Bands Compete for Wakarusa Set

Fayetteville music fans will get the chance to send a local band to Wakarusa during the Waka Winter Classic Feb. 6 at George’s Majestic Lounge.

Cover Story

Public Access: City of Fayetteville Provides Free TV Services

As Dana Louise and Adams Collins —a.k.a. The Glorious Birds — performed sweet sounding folk songs under the warm lights of the Fayetteville Public Access studio on 101 West Rock St. Saturday, Jan. 24, a team of video producers worked around them.