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Advice Advice Goddess

You've Got Bail

When you date a “bad boy,” there are always adjustments to be made, like getting adjusted to how he’s sleeping with three of your friends.

Advice Risa's Astrology

The Unicorn

All twelve astrological signs have glyphs and symbols. The higher intuitive mind understands concepts through symbols.

Making Ripples

Tossing the Trash

It’s time to toss out the trash for the last time. Yes, the last time! On Jan. 31, you walk to the curbside pickup bin carrying your last bag of garbage and a camera.


The Man, The Wife, and the Wardrobe

This week NPR ran a story about Allan Edwards, pastor of Kiski Valley Presbyterian Church in western Pennsylvania. Allan is gay, but has decided to marry a woman. He doesn’t identify as being gay, but does admit that he’s attracted to men.

Cover Story

A Clean Start: 5 Foods to Fuel Your New Year

All foods, all medicines, and all drugs affect our overall consciousness and how we experience the world. Whether it’s a handful of fresh-picked berries, a pint of stout beer, or a laboratory engineered pill-capsule, it’s all medicine, acting as a specific type of fuel to run (or drain) your body.


Local Artist Mixes Hip Hop with EDM

By night, Ben Adams, 29, puts the hours in as Mic Adams, who is hustling to chase his dream of making it in hip hop one day.


New Nightclub Raises Funds for Charity

This 4,500 square foot night club feels spacious with a simultaneously industrial, yet posh atmosphere.