The Unicorn

All twelve astrological signs have glyphs and symbols. The higher intuitive mind understands concepts through symbols. Symbols capture the story and essence of a subject. Capricorn’s glyph represents the signature of God (hidden). Most of the astrological signs have animal symbols. Capricorn’s are crocodile, mountain goat and unicorn. Unicorn, spiritual symbol of Capricorn, inspires disciples, indicates one-pointedness, a continued upward movement into divinity and purity. The unicorn moves slowly, never forgetting what is gained through experience. It reaches unreachable heights. On its ascent the unicorn never slips, reaching its goal (Sagittarius) of the mountaintop, standing within Capricorn’s light.

Unicorn is a divine and mythical creature; one horned, a single spear emerging from the forehead (the Ajna Diamond Light Center of Direction). We imagine ourselves as white unicorns climbing the mountain, alone, at peace, silent. Silence prevails around us. Discipleship requires the qualities of a unicorn – strength, willingness, stable, tolerant through time, one-pointed, working toward noble goals, accomplishing slowly and gradually, reaching heights through inner contemplations and outer labor, experiencing silence within and all around, ever expanding into higher states of consciousness.

In the zodiac we encounter the ram (Aries), bull (Taurus), goat (Capricorn) and unicorn (Capricorn). Ram and bull have double horns. Unicorn a single horn. Ram and bull’s horns are curved, unicorn’s one horn juts straight outward, like a sunray. Ram and bull double horns indicate duality in our world. Unicorn’s single horn indicates nature/reality beyond duality. Like lion unicorn lives alone, is much more solitary than lion, living in the heights of mountains. In the same way the peacock signifies Master Morya (head of all Esoteric schools), the unicorn (appearing in mythical art & stores) signifies a Teacher and/or Master of Wisdom’s Presence. May the light of Capricorn bring forth within each of us the spirit of the unicorn. Note: Mercury retrograde next week (21st).

ARIES: In the next three weeks issues with groups, friends, hopes, wishes, dreams all blend your professional and spiritual life with the future. Everything concerning these realms, if incomplete and unforgiven, will re-appear seeking explanations, forgiveness, re-assessments, review. You will feel like you’re on a precipice. Maintain poise like the mountain goat. But really like the unicorn.

TAURUS: There’s a quiet stillness you possess which often translates into reticence (not speaking much). This is good. However, sometimes the time comes when you must share the information your illumined mind has received. Soon it will be one of those times. If you are Mercury retro (at birth), now’s the time. If not, then next week. You above all understand life’s earthly rhythms (music too).

GEMINI: Your eagerness to understand the present time and to have knowledge that can impart information to others is dependent upon you studying the correct materials. Much new age information is not only incorrect but judgmental. A new level of discrimination begins to appear in your mind. This is most important for you must put all the puzzle pieces together now and act on them.

CANCER: You will move into deeper thoughts and contemplation. You will perhaps think about your own and loved ones’ deaths. It’s important to understand death is actually liberation and the “Great Adventure.” When loved ones have died we recite Ohm Mani Padme Hum (mantram). This directs them (and ourselves) to the “Love underlying all events in our worlds” here and hereafter.

LEO: You review relationships, their importance and meaning. Do you need to consult someone about a situation, a need, repair, or for assistance? Another’s responses to your ideas, thoughts and problems offer you perspective, clarity and clarification. Should there be difficulties in any area of your life an inner review and reassessment over the next month lead to greater understanding of reasons and intentions.

VIRGO: The combined themes of health and daily life’s work continue in coming weeks. Your excellent attention to detail will be called in to plan carefully in these two areas of life so that the outcomes have your signature on them and so you feel a greater sense of purpose. You know that it’s only you who can accomplish what’s needed properly. This isn’t a compliment. It’s a Virgo reality.

LIBRA: A mental withdrawal occurs in the next weeks so you can ponder upon choices made within and concerning family. Soon it will be a time of deep reflection, evaluating emotional needs of self and others. You will both focus on the past as it affects your present/future. Separations created outwardly create inner separations. Communication with family is important. Cultivate Love.

SCORPIO: You want to communicate with others. Your activated intelligence wonders about many things especially future companionship and. It’s not time to externalize your thoughts and ideas yet, except in writing. Let them work themselves out naturally. Allow yourself to consider all possibilities, reaching no conclusions. Listen to others. They have the other half of the information you hold.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re internally working how you value yourself. Perhaps you define your resources and values based others. We need others to reflect our goodness. That’s how we learn. You may have to explain yourself to another so they understand you better. It may be that some financial and/or business affairs need tending. Future life’s planning is occurring quietly within. Patience.

CAPRICORN: You’re experiencing multiple thoughts at once, jumping here, there and everywhere. Others may be confused by this seeing you as constantly changing. Your thoughts influence others. Explain you’re redefining yourself. Relax in the coming weeks doing what is most creative. Our thoughts create template for the future that later appear in form and matter. What in your future is most important?

AQUARIUS: You’re examining yourself, ideas, intentions and present state of being, reviewing past year accomplishments. You realize what more you want to accomplish. In coming weeks wherein you reflect on your life, write down all that you hope to fulfill in the New Year. This anchors your thoughts and ideas. There’s much to do this year for Aquarians. They are to initiate the love central to the new culture and civilization.

PISCES: We find you quietly in solitude for the next several weeks, withdrawing to study and think on the future. You’re encountering many non-rational elements reflecting the changing times. Peace and quiet are beneficial for you. Hidden areas of your character, goals, hopes, wishes and dreams are revealed. You may be thinking about death and mortality. It is a good time to write down how you want your death handled. It’s practical and spiritual.

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