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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

The magical time of Mercury’s retrograde cycle is here once again (till February 11th, and then some). Mercury retro cycle actually lasts 8 weeks when we consider its retrograde shadow. Giving us 6 months a year for review.


Maintaining Balance to Natural Recycling

A mysterious balance of matter exists among the grand diversity of life, including humans. Elements provide the currency in an ebb and flow of community interactions.


Not the Marrying Type, Part 1

The other day my daughter sent me a link to an article from the website


On the Occasion That You Get Robbed

On the occasion that you get robbed, they will take your camera and its extra lens. This will include the $10 lens cap you just bought at the start of your trip.


UA Professor Re-Evaluates Astrology

It’s probably safe to presume you’ve taken a personality quiz at one point in your life to find out how and why you are you.

Making Ripples

Hooked on Hydroponics

Have you heard about aquaponic or hydroponic techniques and want to try them?

Cover Story

Integrating A Community: Cisneros Project Fellows Work to Improve Access for New Americans

Being the third largest growing immigrant gateway in the U.S. within the past decade in the U.S. caught the attention of the Cisneros Center — a new organization that seeks to accelerate integration for new Americans.


It’s Time For Love To Win

The Supreme Court Justices announced on Friday, Jan. 16 that they are going to step into the gay marriage debate, bringing a final say to the issue once and for all.


Apathy Is The Order Of The Day

While everything was happening in Paris, Boko Haram, the terrorist organization and Al-qaeda affiliate, was carrying out one of the worst and bloodiest attacks in their history, leaving an estimated 2,000 people dead, though the real number may well never be known.

Advice Advice Goddess

Urning Curve

If you’re putting on some skimpy somethings to get your boyfriend in the right mindset in bed, ideally, they aren’t three strategically located “Hello, My Name Is…” stickers.