Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

The magical time of Mercury’s retrograde cycle is here once again (till February 11th, and then some). Mercury retro cycle actually lasts 8 weeks when we consider its retrograde shadow. Giving us 6 months a year for review. We know the rules of Mercury retro. Careful with everything. Cars, driving, money, resources, friends, friendships, groups, interactions, thinking, talking, communications. No big purchases, no important meetings, nothing important repaired. Mercury retrograde times are for review. For reassessment. And rest. Our minds are overloaded from the last Mercury retro. Our minds need to assess what we’ve since October, eliminating what is not needed, keeping what’s important, preparing for new information in the next three months (till mid-May).

Mercury in Aquarius retrograde…we re-invent ourselves, seek the unusual, we don’t hide, we’re just careful. We live in two worlds, outer appearances, inner reckonings, both sides of our brain activated. Yet, like the light of the Gemini twins, one light waxes (inner world), the other (outer realities) wanes.

Like Virgo, we see what’s been overlooked, assessing, ordering and organizing information. It’s an entirely inner process. When speaking we may utter only half of the sentence. We’re in the underworld, closer to Spirit, eyes unseeing, senses alerted, re-doing things over and over till we sometimes collapse. Because we’re in other realms, we’re wobbly, make mistakes, and don’t really know what we want. It’s not a time for decisions. Not yet. It’s a time of review. And completing things. Mercury retro – integration, slowing down, resolution, rapprochement.

ARIES: You long to be free to pursue your usual pleasures and enjoyments. However ambition and success call and that requires discipline and the completion of all tasks, something unusual and difficult for you. Where’s Taurus, you ask, the one who completes everything? Things silent, quiet and hidden increase around you. Imaginative ideas fill your mind. So much changing within. It’s good.

TAURUS: You’re called to be in the spotlight, to lead and organize. Perhaps you’re co-chairing a group, calling them to envision a future different than the past. This takes you into a new life-direction, defines you more completely, and highlights previously set goals. You’re ready to accomplish those objectives. The community you’re seeking to create? Very big, round, stable, warm, grows everything and comes with a natural swimming pool.

GEMINI: Many new ideas have occurred, stimulating you to make changes concerning beliefs, friendships and long held ideals. Communication may become difficult, relationships could feel limiting. Or a marriage could happen! Great things are in store for you in the coming months. Do take the time to listen quietly to your mind and heart, follow what inspires you and aim as high as you can. The fog on your Capricorn mountain clears.

CANCER: You will experience many expansive yet internal changes this month in terms of how and what you think, your resources, ideals and goals, your knowledge of the world. You will seek these changes through travel, new books, new people. Make sure you’re as sensitive as you can be with others. Sensitive in this case means, “always acting from the heart”. It’s also time for gardening thoughts. Moonflowers planted.

LEO: Many obligations will be met this month and it might feel like too much work. However you’re ethical and will accomplish what is expected. Your creativity expands your self- worth. Something comes to a crisis in coming months. Something in terms of how you’ve cared for (or didn’t) and loved (or didn’t) people, how you were in relationships, how you valued them and had (or didn’t) loving understanding. We all learn in each relationship.

VIRGO: It’s good to revise any monetary situation becoming too difficult to handle. Assess finances on all levels. New ideas about finances quietly enter your world. The creativity you bring forth in daily life needs to be recognized. It creates your self-identity. For some Virgos, becoming pregnant will be a new identity with Pluto in the house of creation. Virgo always gestates a new reality. What is your hidden reality?

LIBRA: Things, people, events, ideas, even your profession may feel stalled or dissolving or there’s a feeling that nothing’s happening. The reality is everything’s disappearing into deeper layers of review and reflection. All outer structures move slowly now. Is something occurring in the home? A deepening of a marriage or relationship? Some profound depth and change is occurring there. Perhaps with your sense of commitment to home, family and communication. Foundations built.

SCORPIO: Professional situations edge sideways giving you opportunity and inclination to assess how much time you’re out in the world, what you’re able to give the world, and what’s expected of you. A new depth of thinking begins. Slowly, quietly new life paths appear. So many times this year you’ve wanted to hide. A new level of gladness appears, new goals, too. Amidst challenges that you overcome.

SAGITTARIUS: Your values, what you value, you as valuable – these continue to shift and deepen. Careful if traveling. Everything is in a process of being underground and re-seeding in your life. You’ll need patience for this. Are financial things unclear? Something’s growing and expanding at the base of your life. Perhaps a new home, redecoration or a feeling that a new foundation is needed. Everything increases in value. Including you. Think, gather, find, be surprised.

CAPRICORN: Things were going along smoothly (somewhat) and then your planet, Saturn, changed signs. From Scorpio to Sagittarius. This is good. It allows Capricorns to assess their aspirations, how and where they see themselves and their next creative journey. A transformation of self along with values will slowly unfold in the next six months. New learnings come forth. Understandings about your childhood, too. Whenever conflicts arise seek to apply the idea that “love underlies all events in your world.”

AQUARIUS: It’s important to have time alone, in solitude and quiet for lengths of time so you can relax and rejuvenate. Simultaneously it’s important to recognize the needs of others. Then your entire world shifts. Perhaps you’re reviewing past relationships and what part you played. Know that beginning now and for the next year or so, your money, finances, resources, values and all that you possess will shift and change. Therefore, use resources and money wisely.

PISCES: A whole new world begins for Pisces. Mars in Pisces will create a greater life force, expanded energy, optimism. It also creates inflammation so daily doses of turmeric is needed, less to no grains, no sugar at all. For long you’ve wanted to bring forth something in form and matter. Jupiter will assist in this creation. Jupiter provides abundance, blessing, beauty, strength of will, spiritual purpose and a love that graces the lives of others. Ask. Keep asking.

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