Part II: Hidden Truth About Israeli-American War Crimes

In the previous essay, the true terrorist motives for 9-11 were listed, as opposed to the lie that “they hate our freedom.” These reasons were our military bases in Muslim holy lands, our military invasions and sanctions that killed half a million Iraqi children, and American-Israeli foreign policy.

Considering these actual reasons Middle Eastern people despise America, it is imperative to examine these root causes, if we are serious about peace and ending terrorism. The former two are self explanatory, but the latter is miserably misunderstood.

Although Israel has a GDP of over $300 billion, we annually give Israel $3.1 billion. Besides countries we recently bombed to rubble, this is much more foreign aid than any other country. According to the Congressional Research Service, U.S. foreign aid pays for approximately 25 percent of Israel’s annual military budget and more.

We also give Israel unrivaled political support. The U.S. has politically protected Israel by vetoing over 40 U.N. Security Council resolutions in 40 years, relating to aggressive violation of international laws and Palestinian occupation. For instance, America supports Israeli’s land theft with racist “Jews only” settlements; there are over half a million illegal settlers in occupied Palestine. America also supports Israel’s massive bombing of civilian infrastructure in Lebanon and Gaza, including homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, electric plants, water treatment plants, etc., which are Fourth Geneva Convention war crimes.

Deep-throated U.S. support of Israeli occupation and war crimes, and American invasions are primary causes of terrorism. State terrorism begets non-state terrorism. Admittedly, Christian, Jewish and Muslim extremists all have histories of ideological terrorism, but occupation and war breed more extremism.

Politicians are blowing smoke rings up our collective ass when they pretend to care about a “peace process.” They are babies scribbling with crayons in the sand. If any were serious adults, they would simply demand Israel immediately dismantle all ILLEGAL settlements. They would also stop vetoing U.N. resolutions when Israel responds to occupied Palestinians killing a few people by killing a thousand more people; collective punishment is eye for a thousand eyes mentality.

The Israeli-American government, Hamas, ISIS and Al Qaeda are morally equivalent by repeatedly killing innocents. The cost of bombs is irrelevant. Kids die, women cry, and everyone is terrorized.

It is a cruel joke when politicians pretend the U.S. does not have extreme leverage for pressuring the Israelis to enact intelligent peace policy. It is painfully simple: “Israel, we will stop giving you billions unless you cease being fools.”

However, the Israel Lobby now owns the President and every single Senator, evidenced by the recent unanimous vote for a supplemental $225 million in military aid. This vote of political and financial support was made while Israel was bombing 1,523 civilians, according to a U.N. estimate. Hundreds of children in the Gaza prison were executed like caged animals. As we witnessed, not even beaches were safe.

It was inspiring when Elizabeth Warren stood up to Wall Street in the recent corrupt budget debate. But alas, even she is Israeli property. According to recent Israeli political votes, only eight Congressmen out of 435 truly represented the public interest of peace. There is no other issue that bipartisan corruption is so uniform.

In addition to campaign funding, this occurs because the public is being intentionally dumbed down by mainstream media. Please watch “Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land” free online. Also, watch Youtube videos of our misleaders at the AIPAC pantheon bending over, bare booty up, vigorously licking the leather off the shoes of the temple prie$ts.

To truly comprehend, we must untangle propaganda doublespeak. The current “pro-Israel” policy is pro-terrorism and anti-peace for all involved; it is anti-American, anti-Palestinian and anti-Israeli.

“Pro-Israel” politicians are exhibiting more loyalty to Israeli war crimes than U.S. peace interests. This has disastrous consequences in terms of trillions in spending and debt for Israel-related terrorism and war; half of every discretionary income tax dollar goes to these militaries and wars.

This anti-peace “pro-Israel” agenda is clearly counter to the interests of the American public. Our politicians’ actions may not fit the legal definition of treason, but they sure taste like treason. Treason is punishable by death, but the death penalty is barbaric like torture, occupation and bombardments. Again, pardon them along with all nonviolent drug offenders.

Important Notice: Criticism of Israeli policy is not anti-Semitism! In fact, many Jewish people also criticize these policies, not least of which is represented in Albert Einstein’s 1948 letter to the New York Times. Einstein warns Americans about the new Israeli Freedom Party, which became Likud in 1988. He writes that the party is “closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties…(and was formed from) Irgun…a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization.”

Moreover, the final part of this series will be based on an incredible book, “Witness in Palestine,” by an American Jewish woman. This will be a detailed examination of the Israeli-American occupation, the story mainstream information systems hide.

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