Daddy Warbucks


Business news in doggerel

At this joyous time of year,
Daddy W. would like to share the holiday cheer
And wish all the FFW readers well
On the occasion of Noel.

Ready to decorate the Christmas tree,
In 2006 business news was one the rise, you see
While XNA’s saw traveler rates fall sort of flat
It’s the airport to use, making region’s coffers fat.

Now’s the time to make tasty almond bark bars
And watch Wal-Mart’s legal team led by Tom Mars.
While retail sales may seem to sag, and exec’s wail,
Tom Coughlin’s trouble, didn’t include jail.

There’s reason to decorate every stitch and seam,
Springdale will finally welcome a pro baseball team
And Wichita’s Wanglers will be no more,
Many can’t wait to read the local box score.

We’ll hang a bow for the prettiest limb
Wishing best to the Waltons – Helen, Rob, Alice and Jim,
They are among area families that keep hope ‘arisin’
Just like the poultry moguls – George’s and Tyson.

There are no forecast of ice or snow
But Daddy W. is just lettin’ to know,
Economic news will never be the same ere the future,
As Jeff Collins made a hasty departure.

Here come the presents! Bright boxes and crates,
Stock analysts tell us in ’07: watch for higher rates.
Gasoline prices hit record high’s
As holiday travelers still have miles to go.

Give the very best, the finest gift if you could
And let’s get past the BBQ feud with the Underwoods.
We need joy, mirth, harmony and peace – so neat
Not condos and parking garages every 100 feet.

While the shiny band horns give off a sharp report
Don’t dismiss the monthly Skyline report.
It tells in business terms who’s been naughty or nice
And Arvest Bank refuses to tell us the exact price.

There’s fresh baked cinnamon rolls hot in the pan
Washington County now has zoning for your rural land,
It’s not a big deal right now for us too
Until all the lawsuits are filed and attorney’s sue.

There’s lots of holiday candy – seemingly to infinity
Is Dickson Street ready for a big building – Divinity.
Don’t miss the tiny elves and their nubby knees,
Grubbs is soon to be gone; then come parking fees.

Kids are always proud of their Christmas booty,
We predict more budget headaches for Mayor Dan Coody.
Hear the sleigh bells jingle as the horse’s eat hay,
City employees, we predict, shall holler over the pay.

Recall the old Angels and their shout of Glory,
The AMPs financial woes really told a tragic story.
Now’s the time for holiday cards, so neat,
The AMP just didn’t put enough people in their seats.

Among the best of holiday soups and stews,
Is our very own Dr. Bobby New.
He directs our schools – Fayetteville – to be the best
The state of Arkansas can only hope to pass his test.

We’ll watch out the frosty window for ice and snow,
While BBBQ folks raise their attendance figures show.
How many actually did attend each year?
Is like figuring how do they fly – those magical

What is under the Christmas tree is always a guess,
Continued success to the U of A Press.
Never forgetting Miller Williams and Willard Gatewood.
Founding fathers of a well respected publishing-hood.

When the presents are opened, wrappings are a mess,
Yes, new banks have opened, but we like old ones best.
So, to Gary Head and Mary Beth Brooks we say Hooray,
Watch them new financial interlopers, keep ’em at bay.

Any Christmas poem wouldn’t be complete
Without noting some area restaurants still compete.
So to Noodle’s, Penguin Ed’s and even AQ
Thanks for you all – and for all that you do.

In any list like this – I’ll miss a few friends
Only next year, can I include your name to make
To those whom I missed, they can only say “Whew!”
Until next year, Merry Christmas to you.

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