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10 Sex Facts You Might Find Surprising

Over half of all spending on the Internet is estimated to be related to sex.


Gardening in Fayetteville

Growing food is one of the best ways to strengthen your food security, embrace a wholesome social environment, lower your carbon footprint, and drop your cost of living.


Dating In The Modern Age

There was a time, though, when telling someone you met your significant other online meant one of two things; they didn’t exist, or you were dating an old man in masquerade.


The Shame of the Game

Why is it that if a man has had more sexual partners than he has fingers and toes, he’s just being a man? The excuses are that he’s a virile,


The Technical Sexual Evolution

It’s no secret that technology and sex go hand in hand.

Cover Story

Talking About Sex

Kristen Jozkowski has been studying human sexuality for more than eight years.


Promoting a Positive Sex Culture

Walking past the display of photographs and paintings, one particular image captured my attention. It was a photo of a flaccid human penis in a glass jar. This was my

Advice Risa's Astrology

Avatars, Presidents, Valentines, Ashes, Lent & a New Moon

This is our last week of Aquarius (world Server). Next week (Wednesday) Sun enters Pisces (world Savior). Note the different esoteric tasks. Although it’s being denied, past structures of reality continue breaking down and dissolving.


A Clean Slate: A Tantric Perspective on Sex in the West

Welcome to America 2015, a society that is still sexually repressed.

Advice Advice Goddess

Stay-At-Home Martyr

Kids these days grow up so fast. Before you know it, they’re 50 and back home doing bong hits in the basement.