Avatars, Presidents, Valentines, Ashes, Lent & a New Moon

This is our last week of Aquarius (world Server). Next week (Wednesday) Sun enters Pisces (world Savior). Note the different esoteric tasks. Although it’s being denied, past structures of reality continue breaking down and dissolving. As this occurs new revelatory (Uranus) alternatives will slowly be revealed (Aquarius). The breakdown is Ray 6 (Piscean Age, beliefs) withdrawing. New information/archetypes for the Aquarian Age (Ray 7) and new technologies (Ray 5, Venus) streaming in provide understanding, hope and beauty to the breakdown.

Thursday, February 12, is Abraham Lincoln’s 206th birthday. Lincoln was an Avatar (esoteric defiinition). Avatar means «from far away». An Avatar’s appearance signifies new principles, laws, energins released to our world. «Avatars, through their actions ‘strike a note’, offer new teachings that express future cycles of development that bring forth a new age and civilization. Avatars embody great truths towards which the masses … must work (to fulfill).” Buddha and Christ were Avatars.

The Presence of Avatars are «called into being» from the very heart of humanity. When great needs occur, the heart of humanity yearns (prays) for that need to be filled. Lincoln represented humanity’s need for freedom. And freedom, yet unrealized, still constitutes an objective in our world.”

Saturday is Valentine’s Day. What to give? Something alive (rose bush), organic/fair trade (chocolate). Things self-made…chocolate, caramel sauce, ice cream. card. Monday commemorates Lincoln & Washington’s birthdays.

Tuesday, is Mardi Gras. Wednesday is the Aquarius new moon, Sun entering Pisces (sacrifice), Ash Wednesday (first day of Lent). With ashes placed on our foreheads we hear the words, «From dust thou (the personaity) are, and unto dust thou shalt return.» Lent…40 days & nights of fasting, purifying and preparing for the Three Spring Festivals Fasting is good. After 40 days & nights, habits disappear.

ARIES: The message is clear. Groups calling you. You’re being pulled, pushed, attracted, magnetized or simply swept into a group needing your skills. Community and collaboration must become part of your knowledge base; these successfully expand your endeavors. Study collaborative learning. You’re to become cause-oriented, impersonal and humanitarian. You de-centralize – from person to transpersonal.

TAURUS: Your purpose is bridging energy and form, maintaining forms in matter that create sustainability for humanity. You’re attempting to anchor ideas that create new resources needed for the times to come. Resources (understanding Venus) are to be used differently now. No longer scattered but tended, saved (like seeds), and cherished. You are to create all the structures for this saving of resources. Build it. You know the rest.

GEMINI: There’s a difference between an aspirant and Disciple. The aspirant is the “experiencer” of form and matter; unreflective and unaware of others, focused only upon self (needed developmental stage). Disciples are “Observers”; reflecting upon and aware of their experiences in order to serve others. Which are you? The jungle, the clearing, or the Path? What would you like to be?

CANCER: Each day seems like a time of testing and/or transformation. It’s a stage of regeneration actually. Hidden within regeneration is Resurrection. You may not know this yet for much of you hides under your shell with intermittent soaring in the air. Do you see or dream of birds (messengers)? What hurts is healing. Then you become the healer. All relationships at this time may bring you to your knees. Pray there.

LEO: From imbalance comes the urge for equilibrium and balance. From developing our individual creative gifts comes the offering of those gifts to humanity. From centralization (self only) emerges decentralization (self merged within the Group). But only when you, Leo (developing the creative self) are ready. Out of seeing only the light of self surfaces a “light that shines over the earth and penetrates the dark”. You become this Light.

VIRGO: The inner and outer parts of your self are merging. The long process of learning discrimination has created inclusivity. As you searched for order within disorder, order then leapt out of chaos. At first you were fearful and now you’re resourceful. You see yourself no longer imprisoned by form but that you (humanity and all the Kingdoms and the Earth itself) are actually the Divine Form, Creator made…and beautiful.

LIBRA: The ancient wisdom teachings tell us to stand in the Sun, especially at dawn and dusk, and with focused intention absorb the light and heart of the Sun into our hearts. You are to begin this practice. From the Sun’s heart to your heart Love then flows, becoming wisdom. Instead of reflecting others’ light you become a source of Light. One with an intelligent heart and a loving mind. You then live in the heart of all that matters.

SCORPIO: The chaos/conflict experience must be understood. It is actually states of creativity needed for new harmony to emerge. Be more and more in nature. It’s God’s body. Eventually you move from desires to aspirations, and then more into sharing. Scorpio is the disciple. At first you rested in embryonic waters, then the waters of the Earth. Then the Water of Life poured forth for thirsty humanity. This you will become. You’re the Mother now.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re entering into a new state of relations, creating Right Human Relations (results of Goodwill). You sought knowledge. Now you’re seeking deeper understanding. At first you related only to yourself, then to others. Now it’s the world. You’re on both arms of the Cross – vertical (God to Earth) and horizontal (toward humanity). The center of the cross denotes synthesis. Tossed about then circulated by it, you’ll soon direct the Wind.

CAPRICORN: In coming weeks you’ll attempt to resolve some sort of conflict. At first conflict simply appears. Know that to achieve a new state of harmony, conflict must exist. It provides dissolution, information, creates tension, calls us “to attention.” Understanding this you can effectively work with conflict. As you struggle with the horns of conflict, the “horns of plenty” (harmony) appear.

AQUARIUS: Much of who you are is being replaced with who you will be. An Aries (I am) quality is blending with your Aquarian (I serve) energies. Observe your speech. Do you say, “I am”, “I and Thou” or “we”? All are good statements. Different stages. The light within you is a pulse, a glow and a radiance. Attempt to recognize them. Follow Libra’s information.

PISCES: You’re aware Pisces is the sign of the World Savior. So let’s begin with the questions. Is your energy dispersed everywhere or service oriented? Where and what is your focus (self, humanity or planetary)? Do you act and respond personally, impersonally or trans-personally? Are you reflective and inventive? Are you an anarchist, revolutionary revealer of the Plan?” Is your movement chaotic, purposeful or rhythmic? It’s good to know these things.

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