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Carbon Dioxide Impact on Productivity and Health

Oxygen tends to partner up with carbon where the resulting carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide may be deadly to life as we know it. There is much to learn from what may be mysteriously hidden from view.

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Keeping Arkansas Beautiful: 1.5 Million Pounds of Litter Collected State-Wide in 2014

More than 67,000 volunteers donated their time in 2014 to collect nearly 1.5 million pounds of litter throughout the state, and better yet, last year may have been the cleanest


The Reality Of Family

In the history of television, there hasn’t been a show that so accurately captures the dynamics of a large family as “Parenthood” does. For the last six years, we have watched the Braverman clan grow and live, which all came to a fitting end last week.

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Ecofriendly Retail Shop Pushes All The Boundaries

Welcome to the mindfully collected and creatively inspired retail shop/oasis of Sadie McDonald.

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Jewish Whistleblower: America Sponsors Ethnic Cleansing

Due to media disservice, Americans know little Palestinian reality. As Baltzer documents, it is ethnic cleansing, and Israeli leaders have admitted this intention.


Reggae Bands Unite for Bob Marley Birthday Bash

February is reggae month, and to celebrate the king of reggae, Bob Marley himself, the reggae music community will be culminating the good vibes at George’s Majestic Lounge on Sunday, Feb. 8.

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Last week of Mercury Retrograde

While in its “retrograde shadow” Mercury’s not yet quite moving forward with it’s usual “messenger” speed.

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Rant’s Tomb

On a date, you should merely be splashing your personality around, tempted as you may be to hold a guy down and try to drown him in it.


Promoting Alvin Hall

From a marketing perspective, there are two kinds of events at Fayetteville Public Library. There are the sure-things that we know how to market with ease: puppet shows, special KUAF broadcasts, LeVar Burton. Then there are the events like “Straight Talk from Financial Educator Alvin Hall.”


Unlucky in Love

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, and with it comes much anticipation by those who find it endearing.