Last week of Mercury Retrograde

This is retrograde Mercury’s last week. Mercury stations direct Wednesday, February 11. Mercury will now retrace all of its retrograde degrees (from 17 degrees to 1 degree & back over them again) until it reaches the original retrograde degree – 17 Aquarius. This retracing degree is called “Mercury completing its retrograde shadow.” It ends March 4th.

While in its “retrograde shadow” Mercury’s not yet quite moving forward with it’s usual “messenger” speed. That means even though we are no longer under the Mercury retrograde where everything’s upside down and inside out, where our mind functions more internally than externally (for most of us, but not for natal Mercury retrograde people – those born with Mercury retrograde), we too aren’t thinking or acting or making decisions quite as clearly as usual either.

We remember that all that occurs on Earth is a smaller reflection of what is occurring in the heavens. The stars, planets, Sun and Moon provide us with direction. They inform us of right timing, helping us make right choices, so that our daily lives function with ordered and organized rhythms. Few know and understand this. Those who do stand on the threshold of the Aquarian Age, the foundation, the tools and the language of which are astrology (personality-building and Soul/Ray directed).

Aquarius, the sign we are now influenced by for the month; Aquarius, the name of the New Age (an age lasts (2,500 years); Aquarius which is the Age of Humanity and of Flowers; Aquarius the Age of Serving one another, calls us to its tools and language so that we can create the New Era which is the Era of Community and of Sharing. We are all “called.”

ARIES: Is there something concerning a group that brings you to a state of sadness, woundedness or restriction? Ponder upon your experiences as part of a group now and groups you’ve participated with in the past. A new reality with groups is being formed. There’s an extraordinary focus on your group participation and leadership. The building of the new world needs initiative and forward-thinking leaders. With both will and love/wisdom.

TAURUS: The same words written for Aries are also you, Taurus (also a leader, but a different type than Aries). The energies calling to you definitely concern leadership, developed over the years yet still hiding under a mantle of…. what? Shyness, Indecision, non self-recognition, need for partnership, more information, lack of resources? Whatever the reason(s), it’s (they’re) inaccurate. Stand up, step forward. Humanity’s future stability depends on you.

GEMINI: Are you wondering about travels somewhere, a journey leading to community and a new way of life, or are you wanting adventure? It’s most important to consider all facets within and types of community. It’s (y)our future. Gemini’s task is to gather and disperse information. You know this. In your “travels” (inner and outer) and readings, in your research and wanderings, share with us what you’ve discovered. So we can all learn.

CANCER: Careful with communication (always a concern). Observe all communication, including your own. There may be difficulties, misunderstandings, misrepresentations. Observing without judgment builds within a greater capacity to communicate from the heart, which is all that matters. Lift your shell a bit and allow the Sun to shine into fears and secrets of and wounds). You can do this. Care in travel is advised.

LEO: The Leo/Aquarian planets are directing light into your relationships, intimacy and marriage. Of all the signs at this time your interactions with others will be most unusual, including unusual people, places and events. It’s as if you stepped into the future, took on the mantle of dispassion and detachment and set about learning new realities concerning relationships. A new state of identity is also forming. You’ll need new clothes, new hair, new shoes, new everything. A new style.

VIRGO: Although you simply want fun and freedom, there’s also a sense of deep transformations, responsibility and work you feel must be accomplished. These experiences and feelings persist along with an added sense of obligation. Do what you can and no more. Stand in the Sun, especially at dawn and dusk. Your health must be tended to with daily care. Careful with knees, ankles and feet. Keep warm.

LIBRA: A great compassion and understanding enters into your intimate relationships. You see things different, more sacredly. Don’t let disappointments mar an idea relationship. Maintain your ethics and values, love and respect for the process of change being encountered. Be in touch and make contact with those important to you. Contact releases Love. What you’ve searched for all your life.

SCORPIO: There’s a focus on home and family while you’re also out and about in the world (calling to you). You seek to change something in both places. Pondering, researching and writing about family assumed great directional meaning. Now you consider the new family you want to create. As family values change, they come closer to reality. Family is our first community.

SAGITTARIUS: Your mind places you in the future. You wonder how you can maximize your place, identity and work in a future that is unknown to most of us. You feel change, opposition, revolution and revelations in whatever you do. There’s no neutralizer for this, no quick fix. You may be irritable and even your appliances and car may be too. This will pass and something disappears. Wait, watch, listen with patience and objectivity. Big things ahead.

CAPRICORN: Careful with communication. Observe others listening to you. Are they understanding your words and intentions? You may encounter many different opinions. Allow them, finding your way in and through them. Make sure the vehicle(s) traveling in are safe. Don’t feel you’re off track or any goals are lost. Transformation’s coming at a fast pace and you’re its point of reference. Create a new beauty with the new resources given to you.

AQUARIUS: Happy Birthday, Aquarius. During our birthday month we shine like the Sun. You are busy on many levels, attempting new endeavors, enthusiastic, lively, bright, and happy. Your Uranian energy makes the rest of us exhausted. Proceed onward even if you must leave us behind. You’re rushing into the future, preparing it for everyone. You’re the “waters of life poured forth for thirsty humanity.”

PISCES: Pisces is one of the signs that can feel left in the dust when Aquarius rushes by. That’s ok for now though because you’re to become quite reclusive, contemplative and private. This is a spiritually and imaginatively important, creative time. Remember the nightly review prior to sleep. Review the previous day and see that it was good. The next day becomes clarifying. Allow no difficulties to deter your path. Write and paint and thinking about making Valentines.

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