Our Gifts – Fiery Sacrificial Lights to One Another

Wednesday is Christmas Eve, Hanukkah ends and the Moon’s in Aquarius – calling for the new world to take shape At midnight, Thursday morning, the Sun, at the Tropic of Capricorn, begins moving northward. The desire currents are stilled. A great benediction of spiritual force (Capricorn’s Rays 1, 3, 7) streams into Earth. Temple bells ring out. The heavens bend low; the Earth is lifted up to the Light.

Angels and Archangels chant, “On Earth, Peace, Goodwill to all.” As these forces stream into the Earth they assume long swirling lines of line, in the likeness of the Madonna and Child. The holy child is born.” Let our hearts be “impressed” with and hold this picture. Especially since Christmas this year may be difficult.

Christmas Day is void of course (v/c moon), which means we may feel somewhat disconnected from one another. It’s difficult to connect in a v/c. Try anyway. Mercury joins Pluto in Capricorn. Uh oh…we don’t bring up the past containing any dark & difficult issues. We are to attempt new ways of communicating – expressing aspirations & love for one another replacing wounding, sadness, lostness, and hurts from the past. Play soothing music, pray together, have the intention for Peace, Harmony and Goodwill. Don’t be surprised if things feel out of control and/or arguments arise. We remember, before a new harmony emerges, chaos and crisis come first to clear the air. We are to be the Harmonizers.

Christmas evening is more harmonious, less difficult, more of what Christmas should be – radiations of love, sharing, kindness, compassion and care. Sunday, Feast Day of the Holy Family, is surprising. Wednesday is New Year’s Eve, last day of 2014. Taurus moon, a stabilizing energy, ushers in the New Year. Happy New Year, everyone! Peace to everyone. Let us realize we are gifts radiating diamond light to one another. Living Sacrificial Flames! (303)

ARIES: You are the light of Life itself; a dim point of light found at the center of life. This light is faint and flickering. Your light is the “searchlight of the Logos (God)” seeking in form and matter where to anchor itself and used for divinity’s expression. You receive and distribute Rays 1 & 7, Spirit entering matter creating form, rhythm, ritual and the new archetypes.

TAURUS: You are the penetrating Light on the Path, a beam of light, streaming forth from a point in Aries. You reveal areas of Light (information) control. From the Pleiades, orange Aldebaran and blue-white Alcyone, the star around which our Sun circles, you bring to Earth the Light of the Mind. You are the Buddha, Ray 4, Harmony Through Conflict (mostly harmony).

GEMINI: You are the “light of interplay” revealing a line of light beams uncovering all that opposes, polarizes and dual in form and matter. You reveal, hidden so well (a code), the relationship between Spirit and form. You become the conscious Light of that relationship. You are Ray 2, Love/Wisdom from Sirius.

CANCER: You are the nurturing light (hidden under your shell) within form and matter. Substance itself is diffused light, the “dark and hidden light of matter” (to be discovered). The light of matter awaits the stimulation from the Soul’s light. You, harbinger of love, are Rays 3 and 7, the Mind of God anchored in form and matter. You’re the Mother.

LEO: You are the “Light of the Soul” This light is a reflected point of light most Divine. The light of matter, diffused and hidden in Cancer, becomes the focused light of Love in Leo. It is the love within all hearts. You are Rays 1 & 5, the Will to Good at the heart of scientific knowledge, needed by humanity to build the new culture and civilization. Heart to heart, Leo.

VIRGO: With Mercury, you are the blended dual light. One bright and strong – the light of form. The other dim, growing stronger, the Light of God. You protect the light. Eventually the light of form wanes as the Light of God waxes. You gestate the holy light, birthed at Winter Solstice. You are Rays 2 & 6, Love/Wisdom and devotion. Devotion protects and guides.

LIBRA: You are the light that moves to rest. You oscillate here, there, everywhere ‘til balance is achieved. You imbalance all things so the next, higher level of balance is achieved. Your light moves up and down, side by side forming a cardinal (initiating) cross of intention. You are beauty, the hidden aspect in the Tree of Life. You are Ray 3, Divine Intelligence.

SCORPIO: Interestingly and oh so hidden (you think!), you are the Light of Day where three lights meet; 1) the Light of form, 2) the Light of the Soul, and, 3) the Light of Life itself. They meet, blend and rise up. You are the Ray of Humanity, Ray 4, Harmony Through Conflict. You struggle, moving from darkness to light to immortality. You are Hercules in battle triumphant.

SAGITTARIUS: You (professor) are a beam of directed, focused Light revealing a greater light ahead (Capricorn, the supernal light on the mountain top). You illumine for all the path to the Center of the Light (the purpose of your wanderings). Complex, you are Rays, 4, 5, & 6. You see the goals, reach it and see the next. Reading all signs above what do your rays signify?

CAPRICORN: You are the Light of Initiation clearing the Way to the mountaintop, transforming from crocodile (Makara) to goat to unicorn (central light of direction in the forehead, the Ajna center). In he struggles of transmuting (revealing light within) form and matter, you produce Transfiguration (change in essence). Then the rising Sun is revealed, the light you hand to Aquarius. Complex like Sag, you are Rays 1, 3, & 7. Potent.

AQUARIUS: You are the “light that shines on Earth, across the sea (of emotions). The light that ever shines within the dark cleansing with its healing rays.” These rays purify all that exists until the dark has gone. You are the light of the future, the past and the ever-present. You are Ray 5, the light that builds the new forms in the world to come. You are revelation, the new revolution.

PISCES: You are the Light of the World. With your compassionate saving grace, radiated to the world, you reveal the Light of Life itself. Your light ends forever the darkness of matter. You are Rays 2 & 6, suffering, sacrifice, death and immortality. You synthesize and with Neptune, harboring the other eleven signs, you save the world.

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