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Q&A with Split Lip Rayfield

This Saturday, Split Lip Rayfield, one of the region’s bluegrass greats will be playing the George’s Majestic Lounge stage with homegrown “jamgrass” band Foley’s Van.

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Festivals of Light in the Darkness

Many festivals this week – in the darkness of the season humanity creates festivals of Light. This is how ancient humanity withstood winter each year.


Thanks, but No Thanks

The use of the phrase Black Friday to describe the day after Thanksgiving was first used in 1951 by an associate editor of “Factory Management and Maintenance.”


Newest Hunger Games Studio Split-up Worth Seeing

At some point early on in Mockingjay: Part 1, however, I stopped thinking about the obvious cash grab to which this installment amounts and started becoming genuinely enveloped in its downbeat, affecting narrative.

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Climate Change Challenges: Support the Environment or the U.S. Military?

Having lived through the 1991 Desert Storm bombing and the 2003 Shock and Awe bombing in Iraq, I tread carefully when speaking about any danger greater than war that children in our world might face.

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Great Gifts for Peace on Earth

The new Center Street Mercantile, which opened Sept. 23, offers locally made goods of astounding variety, from fuzzy “Bumble” hats (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) to brooms shaped like the Nimbus 2000 (Harry Potter), there is something for everyone.

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The Lowdown on Ordinance 119

Early voting is already underway for Fayetteville residents to vote for or against a removal of a controversial civil rights ordinance.


The Dreaded Ordinance

I’ve spoken a few times now about Fayetteville’s civil rights ordinance. I covered the first city council meeting, where Sarah Marsh was booed. I live-facebooked the entirety of the 10-hour

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Belittle Richard

My girlfriend says she likes that I’m smart but says I can be “on” too much of the time. For example, if someone pronounces a word wrong or uses it

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Protect Fayetteville Police

In light of the erupting civil unrest over police brutality, it would be prudent to proactively protect Fayetteville, including the police. We must do everything possible to not only protect all citizens of every color from abuse of power, but also policemen.