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My Christmas Gift to You

I know it’s hard to believe, but some of you aren’t fond of me. True story.

Making Ripples

Milk Madness

About half of all American adults don’t drink dairy milk, according to the trade journal Dairy Today. Even though 90 percent of US adults can drink milk, about 75 percent of the world’s adult population is lactose intolerant.

Advice Advice Goddess

You Delete Me

You know you’ll feel bad when you check his Facebook and Twitter, yet you keep doing it.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Our Gifts – Fiery Sacrificial Lights to One Another

Wednesday is Christmas Eve, Hanukkah ends and the Moon’s in Aquarius – calling for the new world to take shape At midnight, Thursday morning, the Sun, at the Tropic of Capricorn, begins moving northward.


Fusion Belly Dancing Class Coming to Fayetteville

Moving like a serpent to the rhythm of Spanish guitars and Arabic words, Sahlah Tepes performs the intricacies of belly dancing. Each move requires a focus on a different muscle in the body while moving across the floor, and the dance requires each muscle to mimic the beats of the drums.

Family Friendly

Ralliers Lament Repeal

Organized as a chance for individuals to express grievance after the recent repeal of Ordinance 119, this peaceful rally included live guitar music and song, bold posters, speakers and a candlelight ceremony.

Cover Story

Christmas Kindness: Community Gives Back to Families

Racing out of the Yvonne Richardson Center with smiles from ear to ear, four children raced their brand new bicycles into the parking lot of the center on Dec. 20, the Saturday before Christmas. The colorful new bikes had been donated to them through a secret gift-giving operation that involved several people throughout Northwest Arkansas.


Arkansas Sound: A Look at Some of NWA’s Albums from 2014

It’s been a fantastic year for new music. Artists and bands of Northwest Arkansas haven’t been messing around either. A total of 12 albums, 12 singles and 16 EP’s were released by local artists in 2014.