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Advice Risa's Astrology

Understanding Sagittarius and Its Symbols

Sagittarius is the sign of direction. The arrows of Sag are sharp, pointed in a specific direction. The archer guides the arrows towards a specific goal. The goal is Truth and Justice – the virtues of Sagittarius.

Advice Advice Goddess

American Idle

There comes a point in the day of a brainy person when she’s about a half step from being entertained by cat toys.

Legacy Archive

This Time, “Free Speech” Cannot Prevail

As a long-time anti-domestic violence activist, though, I am deeply concerned about the use of social media to harass and abuse others. A decision in favor of Anthony Elonis in Elonis v. United States, expected in summer 2015, will have potentially grievous implications for the safety of persons in abusive relationships.

Making Ripples

115th Annual Christmas Bird Count

Sunday, Dec. 14, marks the Audubon Society’s 115th annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC), the world’s longest-running citizen science survey.


5 Tips for Surviving This Winter

As winter begins to take over, allow yourself to enjoy the shift from the season of movement to the season of stillness, and adapt. Rather than opposing the forces of nature, I encourage you to model them.


More Than A Powder Keg

The country has been torn in half again.


The Christmas That Couldn’t Be Saved

Through movies, books, and now dance and song, Kirk Cameron — known for his role of Seaver on television’s “Growing Pains” — has made it clear that he and God are BFFs, and that if anyone doubts anything he says, they’re wrong.


The Funky Fayetteville Gift Guide

In effort to provide some ideas for people of Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas new and old, The Free Weekly has compiled a list of some unique, out-of-the-box ideas for you to pursue for all your unique gift giving needs this holiday season. Support local businesses!

Cover Story

Area Photographers Give the Gift of Portraits

Giggling like two cartoon characters, Brooklyn and McKenna Johnson — who are 3 and 5 years old — embraced for a photo. Meredith Mashburn, a Northwest Arkansas photographer, took their picture free of charge, as a part of the Help Portrait NWA December event Saturday morning at Root Elementary’s cafeteria in Fayetteville.

Cover Story

Fayetteville Voters Repeal Ordinance 119

After months of contention for the enactment of a city wide civil rights ordinance, Fayetteville voters repealed the ordinance Tuesday night.